Pemberton Music Festival kicks off this weekend, running from July 14th-17th in Pemberton, B.C. If you were one of the lucky ~115,000 people who visited the festival last year in 2015, you won't want to miss this years festivities either. Or, if this is your first Pemby Fest experience, you're in for a treat.

This years lineup announced some pretty big names tailored to almost everyone, including Snoop Dogg, J. Cole, The Chainsmokers, Ice Cube, Pearl Jam, and The Killers. Despite a less than ideal weather forecast for the week, Vancouverites should prepare for a pretty epic weekend. We're not known to let a little rain get in our way of having a good time after all.

To make the experience even more memorable, here is a list of things you need to do to prepare for the weekend. So start your Pemberton Spotify playlist and make sure to include these 15 essential things on your To Do List!

1. Register your wrist band

First and foremost, make sure you register your wristband prior to arriving at the festival. Pemberton Music Festival suggests connecting your name, e-mail, and social media accounts to your wristband in order to unlock a bunch of cool features and securing your investment in case of loss or theft. Plus, if you get snapped and scanned by PembyGO photographers you can get your Pemby memories emailed to you and have the chance to win prizes!

2. Download the app

The Pemberton Music Festival App not only allows you to view the full Pemby schedule, including comedy acts and a countdown to the exact second the festival begins, it also enables you to create your own schedule tailored specifically to the bands and artists you want to see. Once you've created your personalized schedule, you can turn on notifications to live updates of when your favourite acts are on stage.

3. Be prepared for rain

The forecast calls for showers and thunderstorms, but don't let this ruin your vibe. Simply being prepared for the worst will ensure you have the right gear and supplies just in case. I suggest bringing along a rain poncho and some waterproof shoes, along with other camp essentials such as a tarp or plastic tent cover. Warm clothing is a must and expect it to cool down even more so at night, reaching temps as low as 8 degrees. Look on the bright side! For those of you who attended the festival last year, you won't be disappointed by the lack of heat stroke and scorching temperatures.

Photo cred - @pemberton_fest

4. Stay hydrated

Speaking of rain, water is an absolute necessity this weekend. And lots of it. Pro tip for you: freeze a flat of plastic water bottles or jugs and bring those along for optimal cool, refreshing water throughout the next couple days. There are water stations located throughout the festival grounds, but in case of emergencies and long lineups, come prepared. Your hangover will thank you in the morning.

Photo cred - @pemberton_fest

5. Mobile devices

As important as your festival Snapchat story is, you'll need to bring portable charges and/or phone chargers along with you in order to stay in touch with your friends. Because of the mass amount of people and vast festival grounds, it's easy to lose your friends and have difficulty finding them. In addition, I suggest planning a "meet up" spot for you and your friends to meet if you lose one of the troops.

6. Food

Although there are various food vendors and food trucks near the campgrounds and in the festival grounds, you must bring your own food. Not all of us are Betty Crocker enough to lug a cooler full of pre-prepped meals. Nor do we want to carry that on the dreaded path to the campgrounds. Bringing along simple snacks such as protein bars, fruit, bread, chips, gatorade, and nuts is a great way to keep your energy up during the day and avoid spending tons of cash on vendors.

7. Cash

This brings me to my next point quite nicely: cash. It's important to always carry some cash on you around the festival. Thankfully, fanny packs are back in style and you'll have a safe, hands-free place to keep your money on you. ID is a great thing to carry with you at all times as well in case you forgot to comply to rule #1 on this list and didn't register your wristband in case of emergency, or you want to purchase booze.

Photo cred - @@spencerlupul

8. Booze

Following the Pemberton Music Festival liquor regulations, you must bring your alcohol in plastic bottles or cans. Security can and will search through the depths of your tent bag in order to make sure you haven't brought in any unsuspected items. Check the website FAQ's for further regulations on how much hard liquor each person can bring in to the festival. There will be food and drink vendors, but most are located inside the festival grounds and the liquor store is located outside the festival grounds in the town of Pemberton, so be prepared. That bring said, stick to one water per alcoholic beverage for good measure.

Photo cred - @_bandyy

9. Camping gear

Along with the waterproof gear you're sure to bring due to the weather conditions, there are a couple other camp items you need to take with you. A flashlight, pillow, sleeping bag, fold up chair, canopy, cooler, blanket, and blow up mattress are items you also won't want to forget. It's not exactly "glamping", but these will help.

Photo cred - @do604

10. Camping vouchers

The campgrounds will open Wednesday, July 13th at 2pm and will close July 18th at 2pm. Check out the Pemberton website for more info on what are are/are not allowed to bring in to the campgrounds. Remember, one camping voucher = one campsite and each campsite can accommodate up to 4 people and your tent must fit inside the camp spot. Unfortunately, unlike previous years, campsites are pre-registered and you aren't allowed to choose your own spot next to your homies. If you want to be next to your friends, you must show up together, so be organized on arrival. You also are allowed to go in to town once you've set up, you just can't move your car out of the lot.

Photo cred - @emmabroown

11. Shuttle passes

So, you've decided that due to the logistics of camping last year it isn't your thing. If your staying in town or in Whistler, there are shuttles running continuously throughout the day, roundtrip. Shuttle passes are purchased at the time of ticket purchase and are not for campers. A list of scheduled shuttle times are posted on the website and there are two shuttle lines running dependent on which side of the festival grounds you would like to travel to and from. Shuttle pass holders also won't be able to get in to the campgrounds, so keep that in mind when planning your night.

12. Miscellaneous

As you can see, there is a lot to remember to do to prepare for a time you'll never forget. Hopefully. A couple items I find helpful to have along for the ride include baby wipes, towels, bug spray, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, dry shampoo, ice bags, toothbrush, toothpaste, and various other hygiene products. It's a rad idea to bring a balloon to tie to your tent in order to easily locate your campsite as well. The festival will also thank you kindly for bringing your own garbage bags to throw away your trash after the festival is over. We all saw what a mess we left last year, so let's do our best to keep the pristine park clean.

13. Clothing

Last but certainly not least, proper clothing. By proper clothing I'm not necessarily referring to your minuscule rave lingerie, no matter how cute your butt looks in it. We all spent our valuable time planning outfits and festival wear for the festival, but remember to pack clothing for rain or shine. A waterproof jacket and warm sweaters are perfect to throw over your outfit of the day. Even though the dust may be settled for the most part, whatever you wear will get pretty filthy throughout the day. Bring enough clothing for the full five days and four nights, regardless of how much your mom already nagged you about it. Stay warm, stay safe, and have a fvcking blast.

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