Vancouver is the city that has got it all, the perfect mixture of urban and nature. Beautiful mountains, oceans, and city all in one place for us to enjoy.

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No matter how long or short you've lived in Vancouver, Vancouver can still be where you consider your home and your place. But if or when you have to leave Vancouver - maybe for school, work, vacation, or just because it’s time for a change - Vancouver will miss you and you’ll probably miss it too.

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1. The insane food culture

It's undeniable that Vancouver has one of the best food scenes. The amount of food diversity in our city is out of this world. If you just walk down one street like Robson, you can choose from Japanese fusion, Lebanese, Greek, Shanghai food, and more.

2. Having the mountains, oceans, and city all in one place

It's hard to find a city that has it all but Vancouver fits this bill. You can get a view of the mountains, ocean, and city from several places throughout the Lower Mainland. Having the option to choose between nightlife in the city, hiking the mountains, or kayaking the ocean is something worth cherishing.

3. Everyone understanding and sharing your love of sushi

You're basically always walking distance from a sushi restaurant.

4. The diversity

It's a common consensus that Vancouver is incredibly multicultural and diverse, from the people to the food to the cultural groups to the belief systems. Vancouver accepts you for who you are.

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5. Ski/board season

Whistler is ranked as the #1 ski resort in the whole world. People come from all over the world to ski and board those powdery slopes, yet it's less than a 2 hour drive for us. You'll definitely reminisce on all those weekend ski trips where you spent your days up on Blackcomb and nights spent at Garfinkel's. Or you'll remember the times you drove all the way to Revelstoke or Big White.

6.  The fitness and healthy lifestyle

BC is the healthiest province in Canada and has been ranked as 3rd healthiest in the whole world. Vancouverites are known for chasing that healthy and fit lifestyle, and it shows - from the wide array of fitness gyms and classes we have to the extensive options available for a healthy meal.

7.  Always being within walking distance of Tim Hortons

Timmy’s is available all throughout Canada, but Vancouver has definitely got a high concentration.

8.  Bragging that your city is one of the best and most liveable in the world

Vancouver consistently tops rankings and wins awards. For example, Vancouver is considered one of the top 5 most livable cities in the world.

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9.  Totally submitting to the ice cream trend

Earnest, Mister, LIK, Melu, 727 Sweets, Bella Gelateria - these sweet spots hold a special place in your heart. Vancouver has a serious love of ice cream all year round, rain or shine (caught the pun?).

10. The great BC outdoors

It's not called beautiful British Columbia for no reason. You'll also miss putting #explorebc on your weekly nature and hiking photos.

11. The mild temperature

BC has the mildest temperatures of all of Canada. Meaning it's usually not too hot and not too cold. We don't have to deal with the -20°C temperatures like the East Coast.

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12. Experiencing all 4 seasons

This is something I think many of us can take for granted. Not every city is lucky enough to get all 4 seasons. Every season looks beautiful on Vancouver.

13. Always secretly hoping a celebrity is somewhere nearby

BC is the fourth largest film and television production site in all of North America. You never know which celeb will be near you next. Several shows are filmed here like Once Upon A Time and Arrow. For example, Blake Lively was filming at UBC for Age of Adeline. Also, you've likely bumped or know someone who has bumped into Michael Buble.

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