Ahh, Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club, the resident fitness centre for the gym rats of Vancouver. With so many locations and such a wide range of equipment and facilities, you're bound to bump into a variety of characters.

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There's so much more to the gym than just your average Joe. You've got your Insta kings and queens, your fitness program pushers, your gym bros, and the list keeps going. If you've been to any Steve Nash in Vancouver, you know what we're talking about.

1. The aspiring pro athlete

This guy/girl has put all their eggs into the "going pro" basket and has almost completely abandoned all hope outside of this career path. You can catch them exclusively doing exercises that involve improving their game and any sort of interruption will set them off.

2. The "program" pusher

We all know him. He's ultra friendly, always chatting it up with people in the parking lot at Whalley Steve Nash, always giving you workout advice and is a firm believer in a maximum of 5-8 reps per set. He only lifts the heaviest weights in the gym and is just a massive ball of muscle. He's always grabbing your arms and asking when you're going to "get on the program" so you can get some "mad gains in just a couple weeks". He's harmless, but don't fall into his trap!

3. The overly pushy sales rep

So your 7 day trial at the fancy Steve Nash on Granville is about to finish and the sales reps can smell it before you even show them your trial pass and grills you as to when you’re going to sign up before you’ve even signed in. You are about to finish your workout and are still undecided if you want to stay at this location/gym. But the second you're done that last pull up the sales rep that’s been keeping tabs on you from the corner of the room “briskly walks” over and asks how your workout was and when you’re going to commit. You reply that you still want to think on it and might come back, and then immediately B-line to your locker to get your stuff and have decided to change at the Starbucks down the street to avoid getting approached again. But of course, as if by some magic, homeboy is at the door waiting to say bye and really throw that guilt in there to take care of your health and create a new, better you. You sign up on the spot because, hey...I can't give up on me!

4. The lost CrossFit guy

Okay, so this guy has a LOT of energy and at first glance, you don't know if he's doing a legitimate workout or just throwing the lightest kettlebell across the room for no particular reason. But never fear, CrossFit guy is here! Having just learned this incredibly difficult movement from his CrossFit coach yesterday, he plans to show off his moves and skill at the conventional gym...and take up almost every available free weight in the process.

5. The Instagram model

He/she is pretty much only working out for the gram. She's usually (always) doing legs because every day is #legsday when your an Insta-queen. You can catch her taking progress pics every. single. day. after a workout. And he isn't any different. Flexahauntas over here likes to max lift everything and it doesn't matter what day it is, he's doing some damn arms that day too. He's usually asking you for a spot and making an oddly loud amount of noise during each set. He's also harmless, but get too close and he will ask you to take a video for him to "watch his form" on his bicep curls *rolls eyes*.

6. The “I want people to think I work out at Gold's Gym” bro

He’s in the gym flexing at your Brentwood or Lougheed mall Steve Nash in a Gold's tank top and Gold's shaker cup so everyone outside the gym thinks he works out the "one and only GOLD'S GYM”. But nah, he just has a buddy at Steve Nash who got him a discount membership on the low (I don't blame him, though).

7. Sir Flex-a-lot

This guy goes to the gym exclusively to flex and you haven't a clue in the world as to why. Well here's why: it's called posing and it's super key to physique competitions. Yes, we're  aware that he probably could have done this at home or in the gym's studio space but who will watch him if he does?

8. The trainer chill

He works here. He's not in uniform, though for some reason never wants to leave the gym...like ever. He got off at 2PM and it's now 6, and he's still here. You forgot your shaker cup, came back and he's STILL here. You now wonder if he secretly lives at the gym but like I said...it's chill, he works here.

9. The cardio junky

Let's get one thing straight, this person is only here to burn the fat for summer. They are doing an hour of cardio and some light weights they know they're going to sweat like they're giving a speech in the 4th grade so they brought a towel with them for good measure (hint the towels not to shower with). But they're dedicated, and they're there almost daily, grinding for that perfect beach bod?.

10. The "30-day free trial" athletes

These super athletes are your community centre gym leaders. They collect free trial passes like a Pokemon trainer collects gym badges. During this promotional period, they are in there EVERYDAY and you can catch them with their buddies trying to "decide if they want to make the jump from their community centre gym" knowing damn well a Good Life promotional trial is coming up next month. They "don't know if they will have time" to workout but are in there every day putting in work. Well, I mean... at least they're putting in work!

11. The business trainer

This guy/girl is in there at your Yaletown Steve Nash strictly between 5 AM to 630 AM. They don't have time outside of that. You can catch them doing 20 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of weights and that's their workout every time. Nothing changes. They are strictly there to maintain health and figure and are way too busy to do otherwise.

12. The bro

"Bro, can you spot me?" The bro can be caught starting EVERY sentence with "bro". He is usually talking about how lit his weekend was and the gym is really just a place to do that, get swole, and pick up chicks. He will completely deny that last part but we all know he is. His outfit usually consists of a baseball hat (probably Boston or Blue Jays), shorts, and a pastel coloured tank top and/or a string tank top to flex the pecs. He might try and flex on you a couple times but just chill out bro, he's chill.

13. The fashion killer

This newfound gym lover could be categorized as an Instagram king/queen, but the exception is that they don't lift too much. They're new to the gym and need new ways to flex on the gram so now they've come to the right place! The only thing is, is that they don't really know what they're doing, neither do they ask or try to learn. They can be found doing biceps and shoulders every day and generally looks confused all the time. Their outfit will consist of: Yeezys or Roshes, joggers (usually jean but they count those as sweats), box logo shirt and/or the latest season Nike shirt and a Diamond Supply Co. hat. They might be confused but at least they're there!

14. The power lifter

*BOOM* that loud thunderous sound of someone dropping the 500lbs deadlift bar on the ground. That's this guy. He/she cares not one bit about physique. It's all about the numbers with them. All they want is the heaviest lift that can be heard a mile away and spend most of their workouts talking about technique and critiquing (positively) one another during a workout. Telltale signs you have a power lifter is the supplement branded outfits; every strap, belt, and brace possible and white dust otherwise known as chalk all of their hands and clothes. Great to ask advice from but boy, do they make a mess of the place.

15. The guy who never does legs


16. The aspiring MMA fighter

Homeboy is in the gym every day with a strict goal: be the best that no one ever was. He starts his workout with some sprints on the treadmill for 5 minutes then gets right to the heavy bag for some practice. He would never dream of training full time at a gym strictly geared towards fighting. No. That would be way too dangerous and who would he flex on? So he sticks to showing your gym that he’s not to be messed with. Of course, he always finishes off a hard day of MMA (key words here being MIXED and ARTS) with some bicep curls for the gurls.

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