If you're anything like me, Vancouver's rainy winter weather encourages you to give up on your hair. I mean... what's the point of spending 20 minutes with a burning iron to your head if it's just going to frizz up at the end of the day. You either look like an idiot wearing an oversized rain jacket hood, or you actually remember to pack that pocket umbrella you bought for such occasions but never seem to have at the right moment. Even then... THE MIST! It seems to entice every single hair follicle into a crazy jungle girl dance until you're left looking like you just got out of the pool and air dried your hair next to a helicopter.

But now it's summer and the excuses don't flow as easily. You look around and all you see is perfectly ombre'd fishtails on the beautiful bronze Vancouverite women. If you need some help getting out of your hair slump, take a look at these Vancouver girls who know how to do it right all year round. Here are 13 Vancouver girls that will give you hair goals:












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