We live in a speed of light paced world, an information age that is saturated with ads for this, ads for that, images for this and visuals for that. How is anyone supposed to focus their attention on anything?

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Cue graphic designers of Vancouver. Without these artists, who possess creative souls for typography and print, expertise in multi-media and web design, and sensitivity to space and layout, businesses would have a hella hard time trying to captivate overwhelmed consumers like us.

Each of these talented Vancouver-based graphic designers have a unique and individual style that make their work distinguishable from the rest of the crowd. From whimsical floral calligraphy to black and white minimalist web design, here are some of the city's finest!

Photo cred - carolinawong

Carolina Wong // carolinawong.com // @staymagicalstudios


Photo cred - @dejanstanic92

Dejan Stanic // dejanstanicdesign.com  // @dejanstanic92

Photo cred - andreawan

Andrea Wan // andreawan.com // @andrea_wan

Photo cred - lan-yan

Lan Yan // lan-yan.com // @lan__yan

Photo cred @kristianhay

Kristian Hay // kristianhay.com // @kristianhay

Photo cred - @rokotype on Linkedin

Rachel Ko // rokotype.com // @rokotype

Photo cred justafrog

Leigh Peterson // justafrog.net

Britt Low // Covet Design

Photo cred - arias

David Arias // arias.ca // @ariasdavid

Photo cred christinalauer

Christina Lauer // christinalauer.net

Photo cred - michecapiche

Michelle Leggatt // michecapiche.com // @miche.capiche

Photo cred - lilianyuen

Lilian Yuen // lilianyuen.com

Photo cred - @shafeezw

Shafeez Walji // shafeez.com // @shafeezw

Photo cred - @benwadolowski on Linkedin

Ben Wadolowski // wadolowski.com

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