If you're anything like me, you still look at online dating the way your parents do. Confused, bewildered, with a dash of fear that maybe you'll get catfished.

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Thankfully, Vancouver is loaded with good looking prospects but it's all about where to find your type of guy. And while I'm sure this list isn't the end all be all of hotness it does capture the radius of babes per region.

Happy hunting! 


East Van

The breweries. There's likely no better place to strike up a conversation with a hipster hunk than over copious amounts of craft beer at a brewery in East Van. Need suggestions? Brassneck, Main Street Brewery, Strange Fellows, 33 Acres, Parallel 49, Bomber....stop me anytime.



The beach. Bring your bocce set and prepare to set up camp for A WHILE. The amount of prospects at Kits Beach is RIDDICK. Tip: suggest hitting up a patio like The Local Eatery and if they're too into their volleyball game to join then go anyway. You won't be disappointed by the turn out there I promise.


North Van

The mountains. Grouse! Seymour! Cypress! And if those aren't your jam hit up Quarry Rock or The Baden Powell trail. Anywhere to make him see how outdoorsy you are. Be sure to rock that red flannel so you can hit them up with an easy opener. "You too, huh?" *points to plaid*


West Van

The parties. The congregation of West Van hotties who are home from their latest semester at Western is a house party in the BP's. Take a cruise up to Heaven and switch your Bumble settings to BFF in a 5k radius. Swipe until you find a party. Tonight.



Galas. Yaletown yuppies love a good gala. Something like Dîner en Blanc or The Little Black Dress Gala is an easy way to get in with the Yaletown crowd.



The seawall. Casually rollerblade into a babe. Literally right into them. It'll be just like the movies. But be sure to wear a helmet. *Narcity is not liable for any pending lawsuits.* 

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South Granville

Storm Crow Alehouse. Remember when Nerd-Hot was a thing? Well if it's still your thing then hit up Storm Crow Tavern and invite yourself in on someone's round of Cards Against Humanity. This "nerd-bar" is filled with icebreakers. Including the best icebreaker: alcohol.

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Coal Harbour

Networking events. If you want your guy to be passionate about his job then a Coal Harbour beau is right for you. Hit up the next networking event at the convention center and strike up a convo about that blog slash Etsy shop you've been wanting to open for the last 3 years.

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A Canucks game. STEREOTYPE ALERT: Guys love a girl who's into sports. Grab a gal pal, don't be afraid to cheer obnoxiously, and even heckle the hottie wearing the opposing team's jersey. Hey, opposites attract.



The dog parks. Coquitlam is slowly becoming the new up and coming neighbourhood (mostly because no one can afford living on the Northshore or downtown anymore.) There's no better wingman than a dog so bring yours or stop by the SPCA and offer to walk one at Miller Park. Pretend that your pockets aren't already filled with doggy bags and ask to use one of his. Who knows, maybe your dogs will start dating too.


Does anyone know??? I'm looking forward to reading your comments below.

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The night market. Among the many fun things to do in Richmond, the night market is at the top of the list. Sure, it only gives you a few months to go and meet someone but even if you don't you now have 12 new pairs of kitschy socks to get you through the winter.


New Westminster

The Quay. Because where else is there in New West?

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Tinder. No one in their right mind wants to leave their house in Surrey but if you both swipe right maybe you can meet at The Guildford Pub for a beer.

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