For all you judgemental people out there, I'm here to say that I am fvcking obsessed with fall. It is hands down my favourite season. Granted, I am a rather odd human being who hates the sun and loathes the my love for fall is probably propelled by my anticipation of the end of summer. However I strongly believe that fall is just a great season. And in a city like Vancouver that has so many trees and mountains fall it's often the prettiest time of year.

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To all my Vancouver girls out there it's finally time to mend your relationship with your neglected Lulu Wunder Unders and Roots Cabin Socks. I suggest offering them a brand new pair of Steve Madden boots as a peace offering and maybe they won't be too mad at you.

1. No more tourists in Vancouver

Dear non-Vancouverites, thank you for visiting our beautiful city and helping our hotels/restaurants/stores make some money this summer. But please return to your own homes so that I can walk efficiently down Granville and drive through Gastown without getting trapped in between three giant tour buses.

2. It's now socially acceptable and safe to go to Hot Yoga

You can finally return to your daily 90 min hot yoga classes and not have to worry about being rushed to the hospital with heat stroke! A hot sweaty room with a bunch of other hot sweaty people probably sounds pretty good to you at this time of year.

3. You can ride the Skytrain without potentially bursting into flames

The Skytrain system gets slightly more bearable in the autumn months. You can ride without worrying about sweating off your entire face of makeup or passing out from the heat. Or worse...the smell. It will probably still smell dank but at least it won't fester and choke you out.

4. Hiking in fall in Vancouver is beautiful

There are so many forests and trails around Vancouver that are great to hike in the fall. The leaves falling to the ground will provide you with that satisfying crunch to accompany you on your walk. The different colours will make for great instagram photos. You can also wear your cute NorthFace headbands, vests and Nike running tights that make you butt look bomb AF.

5. You will return to your regular skin tone and one colour of foundation will be fine

Time to forget the names of the workers at Sephora who have helped you pick a new tone for your foundation every 2 weeks because of your tan. Get ready to get return to your pasty self and stay that way. But chin up buttercup! Think of all the money you'll save.

6. Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks

I will admit that I am actually not into these because I am not a 17 year old white girl and I don't like pumpkins. But I can appreciate these 9 dollar drinks because they make Starbucks smell like a explosion of fall and goodness. And fall also means I can enjoy my pour over Matchstick and Milano coffee without turning into a sticky mess and feeling like an idiot.

7. Blankets blankets blankets blankets

Anyone else looking forward to being able to sleep under the covers again? No more stressing about the monsters under your bed eating your toes at night time or it being too hot to even sleep.. And since this is Vancouver and we think it's okay to wear a blanket as a piece of clothing, welcome back to $100 Artizia Blanket Scarfs. We missed you.

8. Hunter boot season is here

Since it rains so much in our wonderful city it's not uncommon to see around four or five pairs of Hunter Boots in a one block radius. I have a pair and I am not ashamed. They are just so damn cute and convenient. Don't be scared to release your inner child everyone once in a while and two foot leap into the biggest puddle you see.

9. Apparently, cuffing season is also here

According to Urban Dictionary, cuffing season takes place during the fall and winter months because of the increased time spent inside and all the Holidays. So girls if you want someone to cuddle and binge watch Netflix with you, now is the time to step up your Tinder game.

10. Football season starts next week

You may not know the rules but you know exactly what the season means. Tight pants, hot famous athletes, and bars filled with sexy sporty guys. Not to mention the opportunity to paint black lines on your face and wear a Seattle Seahawks shirt and just look soooooo adorbs.

11. You don't have to worry about your bikini body anymore

Fall is a time for comfort meals at burgoo, skipping the gym to watch movies and drink hot chocolate, and taking a break from relentless daily shaving or waxing. Movember isn't only for men and their faces.

12. You can go to the club and actually look good

The dance floor is still going to be hot and gross but it wont be unbearable like it is in the summer. More importantly wont look like a sweaty mop before you even get in the club. And if you need to take a minute and cool off your dancing feet, you can step outside and it will be refreshing and cooler instead of hotter.

13. The suitable nail colours are endless

No more of these bullsh*t blues and pinks that your nail lady pressured you to get. Say hello to all your favourite neutral colours. Orange, maroon, grey... I am so happy to see you.

14. You can go back to being your usual emo self and only wear black clothing

Last but not least, my personal favourite. You can wear all your black clothing again without being judged, questioned or feeling uncomfortable. Time to get back to the fashion aesthetic we all love best.

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