Lululemon, the athletic store that is so much more. Let's face it y'all, if you work at a Lululemon in Vancouver, the belly of the beast, the struggle isn't nearly as real as working in say Toronto where if you wear Lulu tights in public, people assume you've just been to the gym because why else would you be out of the gym wearing The Align Pant?!?!

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That said, it's retail. And while most days everyone is pleasant, friendly and fun, there are always shifts where you scratch your head and wonder why you even got out of bed.

It's not all downward dogs and headstands on the floor. Some days are about a neverending stream of reorganizing black leggings and smiling like you're in a cheer competition. Here are some things only my fellow Lululemon workers will understand!

Getting assigned to Men's.


The SM turnover is so real that you stop getting to know them personally.


Your single biggest fear is being "coached out" at any point of the day.

"Look busy, look busy.."

You know what "background conversations" mean.

And how severe it is to get caught doing it.

You stopped feeling like you were "part of something" when manufacturing got sent to China.

'Designed in Vancouver' just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Constantly explaining to people that you're not a teacher, you're an "educator".

"I don't get it. So like, math?"

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Getting sick and missing a week of yoga is the ultimate shun.

"You know when I had the flu I still did vinyasa flow and yin."


You have actual nightmares about sizing.

So. Many. Black. Stretchy. Pants.

If you're not drinking a green juice, you're not working enough shifts.



Also me:

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Having to reassure the boyfriend, husband, fiancee, that yes...she will like the Wonder Under Tights.

Is she female? She will like them.

Working Fits and having to fold and hem All. Day. Long.

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Running through the same 3 descriptions for the clothes while your SM is nearby.

"Yeah so the material is luon and it wicks away moisture annnnnd she's gone."

Not being able to purchase New Arrivals the second they come out of the box.

What do you mean I can't put aside the Apres Yoga jacket in all black?

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Explaining to people that, "No, I don't go to yoga every day."

Just every other day ;)

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