Growing up, I've been told that working out is essential to be healthy. Of course it is, but it can be so unappealing. Seriously, who enjoyed the PE class, except for watching the hotties playing together?

Then, there are girls who love going to the gym on daily basis. Early bird, they start their day flying to the gym to kick start their day. Those girls are smiling when running on the treadmills, when doing 100 crunches in row and they absolutely don't care about body-builders showing off. The gym is when they take time for themselves.

If you've met one of those fitness addict girls and you cannot stop thinking about her, here is what you need to know before asking her for a date:

1. She's always full of energy

One thing that is undeniable, you'll never get bored!

2. Endurance and flexibility are two elements that you'll appreciate about her

Question is can you keep up?

3. Sunday isn't a day-off

Forget about breakfast-in-bed, your girl will already be outside exploring the world!

4. She'll convince you to eat healthy food

In Vancouver that probably means gluten free and vegan diet.

Photo cred - @Weheartit

5. For at least two hours everyday, you won't be able to reach her

Workout sessions oblige.

6. She is (slightly) competitive

But will NEVER admit it!

7. She loves watching workout video on Youtube

And that will drive you crazy. 

8. Lululemon is her favourite brand

No cold sweat for birthday presents!

9. Outdoors activities will be your usual dates

Many adventures ahead of you!

10. The #1 love of her life is her bottle of water

Phone is overrated.

Photo cred - @healthhappinesspeanutbutter

11. You'll eat oatmeal at least once a day

And you'll get addicted to it!

12. She'll always be smiling and positive

Fitness women know how to deal with stress and stay calm anytime.

13. She'll refuse to cancel her workout for you.

Sorry but not sorry.

14. She'll encourage you to be the better version of yourself

And that's why you'll unwittingly fall in love with her.

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