Going clubbing in Vancouver is always a struggle especially when every club has a line up and you have to pay cover to get in.

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Dealing with the crowd at some clubs can also be tough, but sometimes it's fun to go out with your friends at dance to music (only if it's good music.) 

When you do go out though, the struggle is SO REAL. Don't worry we feel you too...

1. It's always too loud to hear what anyone is saying.

I mean you go clubbing with your friends, so you want to talk to them right?

2. You only get to sit down if you pay for bottle service and a table (Drai's why you gotta do me like that).

Hello sore feet (but hey at least my shoes are cute).

3. The party doesn't start until late, so it doesn't end until late either (after the party there's the afterparty at Megabite)

The club isn't good until midnight and by the time you leave at 2, you're hungry for some food, grab some pizza on Granville and don't get home until 4 (waaaay past bedtime).


So let me get this straight - you pay 20 bucks for no food? No welcome snacks once you come up the stairs at Alexander? COME ON.

5. You usually have to line up (unless you're a low key baller at Twelve West).

Even if you're one of the lucky ones to get guest list, you still gotta line up sometimes half hour or more depending on whether it's Roxy SUNDAY or not).

6. Drinks are stupid expensive, especially at Alexander.

Usually a vodka soda is 12 bucks and it takes more than a few, so expect to lose some dolla dolla bills yo (hello shots of red dragon at Roxy).

7. There. Are. Just. Too. Many. People.

Personal space doesn't exist and most people will end up stepping on you or pushing you at some point of the night.

8. You usually spill or get spilled on.

In this tight space, people either spill their drank on you (never wear white at a club) or you spill your drink on them. No one gets out unscathed...

9. It's always too hot.

Don't expect for your straightened hair to look that way when you leave, it will probably be more of a sweaty fro (perfect for the Gastown hip scene) and your eyeliner will be melting off your face.

10. Strangers will hit on you and they won't stop, especially at Venue.

They will just come at you and start dancing as if they are party of the crew (HELLO GTFO). Beware of the creepers at Venue, it ain't fun. 

11. The bathrooms are savage, except at Fortune.

A bathroom which is pretty dark filled with drunk people? Yeah that's not gonna end well. Cept for the fact that Fortune has that cool Party and Bullshit sign (Instaaaaa fam).  

12. ...and you have to line up for the bathroom.

It makes sense why Justin Bieber peed in a bucket.

13. You have to dance and prepare to practice your hip-hop for the Gastown and Chinatown club scene.

Whether you like dancing or not, it's pretty much the only thing you can do in a club, practice your soulja boy for hip hop nights at Alexander (besides drink of course). 

14. Prepare for the horrible hangover the next day.

Even if you didn't drink you will get that sober hangover from all the commotion. 

15. You can't choose the music, so expect EDM on the Granville scene.

If you don't like listening to music with no words, then tough luck cause the EDM is what you're gonna get if you go to Celebrities or any other club on Granville.

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