Even if you were born and bred in the 604, there are still some things that we can all admit we will never get used to - from the spontaneous weather going from sunny clear skies to snow within 24 hours, to how breathtaking the city looks at the top of a hike.

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Growing up in Vancouver, we are definitely 100% #blessed. But of course there are some confusing things that we will never be able to explain. And you might also agree. Here are 15 things you never have and probably will never get used to.

1. Snow.

Doesn't matter that we live in Canada. We just don't know what to do with snow and panic like we've never interacted with it before in our lives.


2. Rain.

What can I say? We Vancouverites are just really weather sensitive people. Lol. #☀️?⛅️??☁️? ⛈??

3. Seeing multiple $100,000 cars with L's and N's on them in a day.

You may think you are used to it by now, but the low key (but so high key) amounts to rage/envy you feel inside when you see it says otherwise.

4. Ratchet drivers.

Yet again, you say you are used to it by now, but with phrases like "This is unbelievable", "I can't believe they just did that", and "Just. OMG" being recurring staples in your driving conversations, you're not. And frankly, I don't blame you.


5. How packed English Bay gets during the Festival of Lights

Every year thousands and thousands and thousands of people show up at like 7PM, and still you act surprised at how busy it is, and every year you're stuck watching it a block up the street in the middle of the road like a tourist because you thought you'd be okay if you went at 9. But don't worry, there's always next year right?

6. How Vancouver is making you really, really poor.

No matter how many shifts you pick up, how much you try to save on gas, how much try to convince yourself that living here is worth it because you love Vancouver, you just can't seem to ever see yourself being able to afford anything here.


7. Why tourists even bother waiting for the steam clock to go off.

I just don't get how it's entertaining anyone.

8. How absolutely beautiful the city is every time you see it from a view point.

Cypress. Grouse. Burnaby Mountain. Every time you go it still takes your breath away.


9. The fact that the your weather app will never accurately describe the temperature at UBC or SFU.

You think you're all prepared until you actually go to school and it's literally another 5 degrees colder than you thought it'd be.

10. The Skytrain's inexplicable incapability of keeping a reliable transit service for more than a month.

Yo I get it, maintenance is key, but every week there is some sort of reason the Expo Line or Evergreen Line isn't running for an undisclosed period of time. It's been happening forever but you still act surprised.


11. How everyone knows everyone.

"Hey! You know [insert name]?!"

"OMG YEAH! How do you know her?! I used to go to high school with her!"

And the city just keeps getting smaller.

12. Why the Lion's Gate Bridge only has 3 lanes.

Despite being the only way to get to downtown from the West Vancouver, and all of it's surrounding area, this bridge still only has 3 lanes. Why.

13. How much we love our super cute, super hipster, super IG friendly coffee shops.

S/O to all the Vancouver coffee shops making all our caffeine dreams come true.

14. How expensive the food actually is at the Richmond Night Market but you go anyway.

But really, think about it.


15. How lucky you are to get to live in such a beautiful city.

Beautiful British Columbia. They don't call it that for nothing.

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