So you guys have been together for over 3 years and you're basically married. But you know what old married couples do? They sit at home, drink wine, watch Netflix and fall asleep.

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You are not an old couple! Yeah, you two may have been together forever but you don't have to have a dating life as if you were in your 40s. We're still young and there are so many cute things to do with your bae in Vancouver, you just have to get off your lazy asses, put down the remote...and bag of Miss Vickies, and go do something fun with your S/O!

Netflix and chill was maybe acceptable in the winter, but spring and summer are just around the corner! So get out a little and make more memorable moments with your babe.

Photo cred - Airbnb

1. Go on an impromptu getaway at one of these crazy Airbnbs in Canada.

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2. Get day drunk and watch the sunset with bae on "Beer Island".

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3. Crush this list of underrated desserts you might not have tried yet...all in one day maybe?

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4. Kick it old school and go to the largest carnival in Canada this March.

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5. Start getting fit for summer at an indoor bouldering gym like The Hive.

6. Get competitive with archery tag at 6 Pack Indoor Beach.

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7. Take a weekend road trip to one of these secret places you never knew existed just outside Vancouver.

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8. Treat yo'selves to a couple's spa sesh at the Grotto Spa on Vancouver Island.

via @charlie_antonio

9. As much as you're both probably well past your clubbing days, go out, get wasted and dance together until your feet hurt anyway!

via @lesleyannemurphy

10. See a whole new Vancouver from all new heights on a sea plane tour.

via @fairmontpacific

11. Go for a relaxing couple's staycation at the luxurious Willow Stream Spa.

via @gluttonasshole

12. Go star gazing and cuddling at Porteau Cove along the Sea To Sky Highway.

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13. Grab your DSLR and take each other around the city for a cute Instagram photoshoot at these awesome spots.

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14. Take a road trip to Joffre Lakes and find a secluded spot to go skinny dipping.

via @vancitywild

15. Rent an RV and visit these super cute towns in BC.

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