For those who complain about not being paid while studying for hours at the library, this article is for you! No, you won't get any money from university but the benefits from being a student will make you smile!

Stop being embarrassed about your student card's photo and take advantage of it! In a city as expensive as Vancouver, any tricks are good to spend as less as possible. The ridiculous amount of money that you pay to university may not give you room for savings, but you can still enjoy Vancity thanks to student discounts!

Here is what you need to know:

1. The SPC Card - 10-15% Off on most of the popular brands

If you still haven't gotten your SPC Card, do it now ! This is an amazing deal for students to go out (Booster Juice, Blenz Coffee, Mc Donalds...) and go shopping (Aldo, Aeropostal, H&M...)! Treat yourself!

2. New Hair cut - $16.50

Want a new look for Summer 2016? Book an appointment at the Blanche Macdonald Centre with state-of-the-art hairdressers!

3. U-Pass - $38 monthly

Thanks to this smart partnership, students living in Vancouver benefit from a low fee monthly pass. Amazing to go around Vancouver for cheap !

4. YMCA Health and Fitness- 20% off on monthly rate

Stay fit during Summer and enjoy the multiple classes of YMCA. Located in Downtown, it's perfect if you want to to meet up with your friends after working out!

5. Dr Sun Yat Sen Garden - 30% Off

Travel into Ming Dynasty China and enjoy a peaceful walk into the Chinese Garden. Free tours are available all day!

6. KTV Party World - 12$ on weekdays / 15$ on weekends

Get 3 hours of joy and 2 soft drinks during Student Happy Hours (until 8pm). Step out from your shower and sing what you got !

7. Museum of Anthropology - 25% for group of students / Free for UBC students

A rich and diverse museum, discover the culture of the First Nation, as well as the Aboriginal communities across the world (Australia, New Guinea...)

8. Scene Card - Free movies

Get a student bank account with Scotia Bank and earn free movies! No need to debate what do to on Friday's night, watch a free movie at the Scotiabank Theatre !

9. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra - 15$ ticket

Sit comfortably, dress fancy and let music take you into a new world...

10. Rent a Zip Car  - 25$ for UBC students  (gas included)

Summer is a great occasion to go on road trip, discover interior BC or explore coastal beaches !

11. Bard on the beach - 21$ for student group (12k)

This one of Vancouver most popular event in Summer ! Rediscover Shakespeare, Vancouver-style !

12. Vancouver Aquarium - 30% discount

Gateway to the Pacific, Vancouver has a beautiful and rich marine biodiversity! Check out the "After-Night" visits, and discover life under water at night...

Photo cred - @sura_ksa

13. Sura Korean Cuisine - 50% off on all menu items

Eat a delicious dinner without spending half your food budget! This student discount works from Monday to Thursday after 9pm.

14. The Hot Box Yoga - 15% off annual pass

Stay in peace with your mind and body all year at an affordable price.

15. Seaplane - 30% discount

Want to step off your daily routine? Discover Vancouver as you've never seen it before!

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