Those who have never been to Vancouver or come to visit have their own preconceived notions on what to expect: a population that is mostly Liberal, incredibly active, loves maple syrup and salmon, as well as the word ‘eh.’

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Or perhaps they think of Vancouver as a secluded place somewhere in Canada that is filled with mountains and rainy days. Or maybe they view the city as filled with people who are not very social or friendly (even though they are not being rude, they’re just respecting your space).

While all of these stereotypes might be true, there are particular things that only a true Vancouverite could understand like waiting in line for hours to attend the Aritzia warehouse sale or tanning on Wreck beach when it’s only 10 degrees outside. Of course you can visit Vancouver and get a feel for the city, but there are some things that only a true Vancouverite would understand that separate us from the Torontonians or people from any other Canadian city. So, here’s how you know you can call Vancouver home:

1. Yoga is your religion. You breathe it and practice it on the reg.

You must know at least three different yoga poses before you can become a true Vancouverite. 

2. Lululemon pants are everywhere! You own enough activewear to be sporting lulus all day every day.

Leggings to school and dinner downtown? I think so!

3. …And so are marijuana dispensaries. More Than half of Vancouverites support legalizing it and 4/20 is lit af.

Once you go to a concert and smell the pot, you know you’re home.

4. You’re always wearing layers! You never know when the 20 degree sunshine can turn into monsoon rain.

Once you start dressing for any kind of weather, you are prepared to call yourself a Vancouverite. It’s called Raincouver for a reason…

5. Coffee is your drug of choice (besides weed). You know the coolest coffee shops in Gastown or Chinatown to get the best instagrams.

Paying 5 bucks for a cup of organic Avalon milk coffee just to get a cool pic? Definitely a must for any true Vancouverite.

6. You have a very strong opinion about bike lanes.

You either think bike lanes are a basic human necessity that every neighborhood needs or they are the bane of your existence (there is no in between).

7. Vegetarian and/or vegan friendly. Vancouver is famous for the diversity of cuisine it has to offer including vegetarian and vegan joints.

If you’re able to be vegetarian or vegan for a brief minute and frequent Heirloom, then you know you’re a true Vancouverite.

8. Canucks don’t suck. You will never give up hope that maybe this is the year they will take home the cup (even if they aren't in the playoffs)

Regardless of if you follow hockey or not, you’ve been to a game at least once and are now a die hard fan.

9. Granville Street is a topic of conversation. Either you think it's the place to go with friends or the thought of it makes your skin crawl.

But, you’ve probably been to the Roxy at least once.

10. Sushi is life. You would go all the way across town to eat at your fave sushi spot, even though there's one on every corner.

After all, nobody does a BC roll quite like Asa or Toshi.

11. You’re bilingual! Living in Vancouver means being fluent in at least two languages.

French or Mandarin are a plus!

12. Celebrities don’t faze you. The 604 is home to Fifty Shades and Twilight, so seeing a star is not a rare thing.

Vancouverites are used to spotting stars walking on Robson street or eating at Cactus club and they aren’t rattled by it.

13. The snow blows. No true Vancouverite knows how to handle this apocalyptic weather.

The city is equipped to deal with the rain, but when it snows, which it hardly ever does, then all bets are off and Vancouver is turned completely upside down.

14. No such thing as being anonymous. When you've lived here long enough, you start to feel like you know everyone.

Whether you know their friend’s friend or their uncle or distant cousin, there’s some kind of connection among everyone in the city.

15. Hiking is your middle name. You love the outdoors, especially hiking!

Whether it’s the easier Quarry Rock or the more difficult Grouse Grind, you love it all.

16. Beer brings you cheer! The city is famous for their breweries with a large selection of local beers and Vancouverites enjoy some of the finest.

The Granville Island Brewing is home to some favourites like the False Creek Raspberry Ale and English Bay Pale Ale.

We feel for you, Alberta. But Vancouver truly is the best city and there’s just no place like home.

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