We are quite privileged here in Vancouver. We can live in any terrain we like, have access to some of the best schools and healthcare in the world, and have all this beautiful wildlife surrounding us in every direction!

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But this doesn't come without problems, because Vancouver has its own unique ways to day to day life difficult. So how do we combat these problems? Skills.

Every true Vancouverite has these skills whether they know it or not, and if you don't know them, you better start learning quick!

1. The ability to find the cheapest gas and the make it last through rush hour traffic on Main Street all week.

Bonus points if you can make it last two weeks.

2. Hiking the Grouse Grind in under one hour.

I'm aware it's basically an outdoor stair climb, but come on. I don't make the requirements.

via @alethmm

3. You must know at least 3 yoga poses before calling yourself a Vancouverite. A true Vancouverite knows them all.

Soooo simple. Let's name a few together: downward dog, lotus, missionary, that thing we did last weekend when we got back from Bar None.

4. You know how to turn a 1 bedroom apartment into a 4 bedroom "open concept" unit.

" I'll rock, paper, scissors you for the air mattress?"

5. Continually supporting the Vancouver Canucks even though you know we aren't going to make it to the playoffs.

Us at the beginning of every year: "COULD THIS BE IT?! COULD THIS BE THE YEAR THAT WE WIN?!"

via @barbiiebitchh

6. Walking through East Hastings in downtown doesn't faze you.

It's been the way it is right now for so long now. We get it, it's hood. But the people can be quite friendly!

7. Knowing every outfit combination you need to be able to pull off Lululemons all year round.

They're way too comfortable to give up. It doesn't matter what the weather says!

8. Being able to get out of bed at the ass crack of dawn to be first in line for the annual Aritiza Warehouse Sale.

And if you're a dude, driving your girl at the ass crack of dawn to the sale...and holding her bags for 3 hours as you wait.

via @theprovince

9. Being able to drive through Richmond without getting into a car accident.

You would think the rules of the road didn't apply here.

10. Being able make yourself a space at English Bay, at any given time during Vancouvers Festival of Lights.

Pro tip: Canadians are too polite, they'll move over.

11. Whether you are an activist or not, you know how to roll a joint.

I mean, 4/20 is basically a BC stat holiday.

via @carlymarley420

12. You've been able to teach yourself not to cry every night, even though you know that The Foundations is not coming back.

You're just not getting it. I am NEVER going to be over this. And the true Vancouverites are right there with me, holding back their tears.

13. Mandarin. You need to know at least a little bit before you can really call yourself a true Vancouverite.

If you can't, boy, you better start learning!

14. You know the menu at Sushi Nanaimo by heart so looking at it is more of a formality.

I guess I'll just flip through this and pretend like I don't already know what I want.

via @vancouverfoodie

15. Being able to find an umbrella in any situation, in any location, as soon as it starts raining.

The host stand at restaurants is always the best place to finesse one. You're welcome.

16. You know how to take editorial level Gastown coffee shop photos.

Flat lays for days fam.

via @doralikessnacks

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