Because who doesn't think having three campuses is normal? What is not normal about SFU? Apparently at least 16 things. Another year passes by and we can't tell what's weird or not anymore, because we're so used to all the nonsense that goes around campus. We love SFU for all of its little quirks, but maybe it’s time we look back and start realizing that many things were not so normal to everyone else.

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We've got your back and we can all agree that SFU student life is normal. It's time we say no to having to transfer busses to get to campus and believing our campus is beautiful, because let's be honest here, we're surrounded by trees and concrete. Here are 16 things that we all thought was normal before reading this article:

1. Construction is everywhere.

Construction is always following us no matter where we go on campus. We're forced to go different routes and possibly get ourselves lost just because we don't know this new route. The best part of construction? The loud clanking noises that makes its way into our lectures and tutorials. We absolutely adore it.

2. Having three campuses.

As if getting lost once wasn't enough. As a freshman, getting lost was no surprise. But by the time we're able to navigate through Burnaby campus in our first semester, we have to go through the same procedure of getting lost in two other campuses. Much love for our Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey campuses.

3. The weather.

One minute it's snowing and the next it's sunny, what's up with that? Up on the mountain, you can expect any type of weather. We've got heavy foggy Novembers, snowy Decembers and rain all throughout. In the summer, it's blasting cold in the morning and melting temperatures in the afternoon. We can never be satisfied with the weather up here.

4. SFU is a commuter campus.

We are always sure to expect at least a one hour transit ride. Who ever thought that it was a good idea to put an institute on the top of a mountain? Because we're on the top of Burnaby mountain, there obviously aren't many residents on or near this mountain. If you live less than an hour away from campus, you are considered the lucky ones.

5. Fire alarms.

The amount of times students experience a fire alarm going off is classy. That feeling when the fire alarm goes off during your exam is dreadful, because nothing thrills us more than having to make up for lost time. But if we're not in class and the fire alarm goes off, you won't be seeing anyone panicking and attempting to evacuate the area, because most of us will just continue on with our day without a worry.

6. The concrete.

There is no escaping this prison-like institution. We are so used to seeing the sight of concrete, we are completely fascinated to see other materials being built in. The wooden structure and glass windows in Saywell Hall and SFU Surrey campus brought a little life to SFU. Apparently, the architect who designed SFU also designed prisons, so this is all really making sense to us now. We're basically prisoners disguised as students in a prison that brands itself as Simon Fraser University.

7. People are always sleeping.

Napping is one of life's greatest pleasures, and it's completely understandable as to why we would want more of it. Sleep deprived students are the grumpiest students, so we try to slip in a little nap anywhere that we can. We nap on the transit ride to school and home, during our breaks and maybe even in class. But nothing hurts more than having someone watch you nod your head and fall off your seat because you were falling asleep.

8. Our enrolment system.

Nothing stresses us more than enrolment season. But nothing will drive us more crazy waiting two entire semesters to get into a required class. By the time we get in, we're in a second year class as a third year. SFU please tell us how to graduate within the average 4-year span, we would genuinely love to know.

9. Campus is empty by 5:00pm.

Because no one can stand another minute being in this prison-like institute. Because SFU is such a commuter campus, nobody wants to stay and everyone rushes home at 4:30pm for dinner. The only people we see during this time, are the poor souls who take evening classes.

10. Wildlife is normal.

Nothing phases us anymore, except maybe a bear. Coyotes, deers, squirrels, raccoons, whatever you name it, we've seen it all. Whether they're roaming around campus or in campus, we no longer bat an eye by the end of our first year.

11. Nobody really wants to socialize.

Everyone is stuck in their own bubble, listening to their own music, doing their home and not exactly being the most friendly students. Everyone already has their own group of friends, so it's going to be awkward if you're trying to find friends. It's no wonder people say SFU is an antisocial school.

12. Museum of Archaeology and the Art Gallery.

I have not yet stepped foot in either galleries in all my years at SFU. I can bet that most students haven't either.  We pretty much forget that it's there and we move on with our lives. Sorry, not so sorry.

13. Bussing on Snowy Days.

This is not an option, the answer is no. By the time we finally make it up the dreadful mountain, we receive an email from our professor saying that class is cancelled because they can't find a way up the mountain either. On heavy snow days and you have class, the answer is to stay home and chill.

14. Jackets are a staple.

Winter jackets are a must have on this beloved mountain. Even on sunny days, it's still cold AF. Remember when your mom told you to bring a jacket and you didn't listen? And now you regret not listening to your mom, because you're basically a popsicle. This weather is no joke and you're going to have to throw away your pride and buy a new winter jacket, because your old winter jacket is now a spring jacket.

15. Transitting to a different campus in between breaks.

We do what we have to do for our education, right? That one hour transit ride to another campus is killer. You're sitting mindlessly, and you're slowly getting sleepier by the second because there's nothing to do. By the time you reach the other campus, it's like somebody has cast a sleepy spell on you and paying attention in class is no longer on your mind. You just can't wait to go home and snooze away.

16. Everything is overpriced.

The high cost of tuition and the high cost of food and parking on campus is the reason why students are always poor. If we’re clever, we know to pack our own lunch. But the real issue at hand is that we’re all so lazy, but we make excuses and say that we’re swamped with homework, and yet we still always have time to watch Netflix. The truth is, we are just beyond lazy and we miss having our parents preparing our lunches.

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