Vancouver homeboy Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively are constantly redefining relationship goals. We can't help but obsess over this Canadian cutie and his lady.

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Although they're next-level rich and famous, celebs can be just like us when it comes to relationships. You know, if you overlook their extravagant dates, $$$ gifts, red carpet debuts and jet-setting weekends. Once you forget about all that and more, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were just like you and your SO many, many times.

1. When they pulled off the perfect couple candid shot

via Giphy

Couple milestone achieved.

2. When Blake gave Ryan a birthday shoutout on Instagram

via @blakelively

They're even using those staple gold birthday balloons!

3. When they were super proud of each other’s accomplishments

via @blakelively

via @blakelively

And took to the 'gram to show it.

4. When they cooked at home together


Apron and all.

5. When they showed off their love on Instagram

via @vancityreynolds

As all couples do.

6. When they went to Disneyland together and took pictures with Mickey Mouse

Via Refinery29, Photo by Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort/Getty Images

Every couple's bucket list destination.

7. When they got adorable couple drawings

via @blakelively

8. When Ryan got just a lil jealous

9. And Blake wasn't afraid to throw some shade

via @blakelively

10. When they weren't afraid to show some PDA

Via People Babies, Ryan Turgeon/Splash News Online

Don't lie, we know you've been there too.

11. When they had this adorable Twitter exchange

12. When they were totally in sync

Via Giphy

13. When they did a classic couple pose

Via BuzzFeed, Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Hand on her butt? Check. Hand on his waist? Check. And repeat.

14. When they were matching

Via BuzzFeed, Valery Hache / Getty Images

Unplanned or planned? We'll never know...

15. When they had a casual date lying at the park


16. When they posed for a selfie together


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