Let's just say 2016 was an interesting year. From the ridiculous food crazes and fashion trends to the presidential election of our neighbours, there are definitely some things we can leave behind us this year.

Thankfully, the new year is less than three weeks away, and it's about time we waved goodbye to some of these ridiculous, or actually-pretty-good-but-seriously-overkilled trends of 2016.

As for Vancouver, here are some trends that we seriously need to leave behind:

1. Gluten-Free everything

Seriously, why is everyone in Vancouver gluten intolerant all of a sudden these days? Particularly an ungodly epidemic in Mount Pleasant.

2. "Closer" by Chainsmokers

Literally in every three song rotation on The Beat. IT NEEDS TO GO.

3. Acai smoothie bowls

They're actually pretty awesome. But $10 for a glorified smoothie? Just no.

4. Gentrification

Have you seen Chinatown and Railtown?

5. Flat lay coffee photo shoots

Don't lie, you've been to 49th Parallel a million times and taken this exact type of photo a million times as you awkwardly stood over your coffee table while everyone around you stared.

6. Saying that you're "poor/broke"

We get it! So is every other person in Vancouver.

7. Saying "AF"

Not even saying the entire two words, but just saying "ah-f". Stop. Please.

8. Saying "killing it"

It's to the point where every time I hear it, I cringe. Sometimes I look at our article titles and just...ughhhhhh. But shhhhh?

8. Chokers

Don't tell me you haven't taken a walk down Water St. and seen at least 10 try hard fashionista try to rock the choker look. Please put it back in your grade five accessory box.

9. Gastown photo shoots

Omg we get it, Gastown is pretty and all. But seriously, can't you find a more unique places to do your Instagram modelling?

10. Sushi burritos

As a sushi lover, I have to say it's actually pretty good. But after seeing the line ups at Pokérrito...let's just go back to regular sushi.

11. Lace-up everything

From lace-up shirts, to dresses, to heels. 2016 you've literally killed this trend.

12. Fancy, elevated toast

People are putting all kinds of ish on toast. What happened to a good old PBJ?

13. Adidas Tubulars

And if you're unsure what these are...

14. Actually, just too much Adidas in general

An Adidas logo t-shirt, okay. But do your hat, sweater, sweat pants and shoes all have to be Adidas too...?

15. Using umbrellas in the snow

Come on Vancouver, I know we're better than this.

16. Screen-shotting this Snapchat filter

Okay yeah, and this one too...

16. And finally...your ex

Okay definitely not just a Vancouver thing, but hey, it's 2017. Forget about your ex and get ready for all the new dateable people in your life!

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