Let's be real, we all know the typical Instagram pictures that Vancouverites take. I doubt anyone is surprised when they see another coffee shot at 49th Parallel or a Quarry Rock hike on their Insta feed. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is a part of what defines Vancouver culture. After all, Vancouver is such an Insta-worthy city.

Whether these Vancouver Instagram archetypes make you cringe or proud to be a Vancouverite, in no particular order, here are 17 classic pictures Vancouverites post (even some of our celebrities):

1. Earnest Ice Cream

2. Capilano Suspension Bridge

3. Quarry Rock

4. 49th Parallel

Photo cred - @haleytju

5. Granville Island

6. Grouse Grind

Photo cred@sofiiasalimova

7. Sunday Brunch

8. English Bay

9. Outdoor Yoga

Photo cred - @kitannn

10. Cartem Donuts

11. Happy Hour on a Patio

12. The Chief

13. Caesars

14. Lynn Canyon

Photo cred - @lupiatti

15. Biking Stanley Park

16. Vancouver Art Gallery

17. Vancouver Sunset

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