Sometimes you just need to add a pop of colour into your life, and your hair is the way to do it. And when you do, you can count on Vancouver's many super talented hairstylists and hair colourists to help you achieve your hair dreams and more.

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These Vancouver hairstylists and hair colourists are constantly redefining the meaning of hair goals. They continue to inspire others with their talent, drive, and work.

Leave it to the experts for your next dye job and they can help you achieve hair goals. Here's to 17 of the many, many talented hair pros and geniuses in Vancouver, listed in no particular order. The total amount of outstanding hair stylists and hair colourists in Vancouver is much more than we can include on this list.

Eva Lam // Owner and Creative Director of Fuck Bad Hair // @evalam_

via @hairbynamrood

Sarah Namrood // Owner and Master Stylist at @HairbyNamrood // @hairbynamrood

Jade Ly // Hairstylist and Junior and Extensions Specialist at Fuck Bad Hair // @jade__ly

Eliza Trendiak // Balayage Specialist and Owner/Senior Stylist at Artel Salon // @elizatrendiakhair

via @chrisweberhair

Chris Weber // Hair Stylist at Artel Salon // @chrisweberhair

Monika Q // Blonde & Balayage Specialist // @hairbymonika.q

Lorean // Stylist at Fuck Bad Hair // @lo.reeeann

via @rebelsandroguesparlour

Elizabeth Ashley // Owner at Rebels & Rogues Parlour // @rebelsandroguesparlour

via @michaelgibsonhair

Michael Gibson // Owner and Stylist at Brush Salon // @michaelgibsonhair

via @elissawolfe

Elissa Wolf // Creative Colourist at Axis Hair Salon // @elissawolfe

Karl Brown // Blonde & Colour Correction Specialist at Axis Hair Salon // @karlgbrown

via @lorettatomhair

Loretta Tom // Master Colorist and Master Designer at Salon Haze // @lorettatomhair

via @moodshairsalon

Chad Taylor // Co-owner and Hairstylist at Moods Hair Salon // @moodshairsalon

via @k.takeuchr

Karen Takeuchi // Head Hairdresser at Radiant Salon // @k.takeuchr

Sebastien Julien Andreux // Hairstylist at Mane Hair Salon // @sebastien.jandreux

Alex Sam // Hairstylist and Blonde/Asian Color Specialist // @toby_doeshair

Devon Hardy // Hair Colourist at Style Lab Headquarters

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