When you hear British Columbia, what's the first word that comes to mind?

Beautiful. Damn, we're a good looking province! We've got a soft spot for each and every province, but there's a slightly larger special place that some of us have for B.C. 

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It's not all looks though! From the culture, to the food, and the liveability, there're just WAY too many reasons for the rest of Canada to be jealous of us.

So in a typical west coast, laid back fashion we've put together a short list of things that we love here in B.C. so that you can share and make all your friends jealous with it!

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1. Yoho National Park

The life changing views that Yoho National Park will show you.

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2. The best sushi in all of Canada.

Once you've had the sushi in Vancouver, you'll never crave sushi from anywhere else again.

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3. Easily the best weed in the country.

Yeah, that really is 35,000 people out celebrating Vancouver's annual 4/20 festival.

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4. The Telus World of Science


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5. Whistler Blackcomb

Host of the 2010 Winter Olympics and home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world, the rest of Canada has to be jealous.

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6. Japadogs

Japanese style hot dogs AND desert hot dogs?! The rest of Canada really needs to ketch-up with these already.

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7. Garibaldi Lake

British Columbia's glacial lakes are some of the best lakes to camp at in the country!

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8. Some of the best wineries in the country.

With award winners like Road 13 & Lake Breeze Vineyards right here our backyard, it's hard not to be jealous.

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9. This 7km lazy river.

There is a 7km stretch in the Penticton River Channel that you can float down all day!

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10. The Free Spirit Spheres

Staycation weekend in a luxurious treehouse sphere, tucked away far into the forest? Where else are you going to find this in Canada?!

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11. Richmond night market

The Richmond night market is the biggest Asian food festival in Canada. Enough said.

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12. Freedom Cove

Freedom cove is a man-made, self sustaining island built by a B.C. couple and is kind of life goals rn.

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13. Sea to Sky Gondola 

With breathtaking views like this and a thrilling 100 meter suspension bridge, it's no wonder why the other provinces would be jealous.

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14. Hatley Castle

YES, this is the castle from X-Men and Deadpool. It's also on 565 acres of protected land with a beautiful view of the mountains which makes for it a must to visit.

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15. The Grotto Spa

Ranked the best spa in all of Canada by Spas Of America, anybody looking to have the ultimate relaxation experience definitely needs to give B.C. a visit.

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16. This spotted lake in the middle of B.C.

Known to the Okanagan First Nations People as Klikuk, this lake is said to have magic healing powers.

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17. This 1,000 foot long waterslide.

Taking place August 12th and 13th every year, where else in Canada can you EVER find a water slide this long?!

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