From the Earth Day parades on Commercial Drive to the "pick-up" basketball games at Gaston Park by Joyce-Collingwood, we are a hood region of the GVRD that is all about community and togetherness.

With 23 spots to get phò and only 16 Starbucks coffee shops, East Vancouver sounds like everything the pride land should be, right? Well it is and there's nothing wrong with us.

Like every community, we do have some areas we can improve on! With that being said, have you or a friend been a casualty of some of these East Van struggles?

1. Having damn near every #41 and #43 bus be full by the time it gets to you during rush hour.

You probably could walk faster anyway.

2. When your friend who isn’t from the area tells you to meet you at the bubble tea place on Kingsway near Joyce.

“Bro, that’s like the whole 5 block radius, where you at though?”

3. Walking home late at night in the summer and worrying about getting taxed.

Depending on the neighbourhood there might be a mandatory iPod taxation you weren't aware of.

4. Struggling heavy to make rent while the teenager in the apartment next to you drives a 2017 Mercedes, strictly wears Yeezy everything, and sleeps all day.

I’m not jealous, you’re jealous.

5. Trying to get Joyce Pizza any time of the day and always having to deal with a lineup out the door.

They have had a lineup queuing for the past 15 years and you’re not even surprised anymore.

6. Having to explain to your friends that live outside of East Van that it's not "the ghetto”.

“Nah man, that story that was on the news last night? Chill that was 15 blocks away, that’s so far!”

7. Halloween has come and gone months ago. and you still hear fireworks on a weekly basis.


8. Growing up in East Van, for some reason house parties just weren't as popular here. So park parties in the middle of winter became completely normal to you.

Because the vodka will keep you warm… right? Right!

9. From the outside world April 20 (4/20) probably seemed like a stat holiday based on the average school attendance that day.

We like to be festive.

10. The over abundance of "Ed Hardy guys" on every corner and in every alleyway always had/has you on edge.

Pro tip: They wear Dussault and Hugo Boss now.

11. You know the difference between good phò and bad phò.

And you pronounce it with the accent because when you say the name you “put some respek on it”

12. Taking the NightBus home after clubbing until 3AM is the bane of your existence.

But god damn it Becky, for the last time we aren't wasting our money taxis!

13. You don't really socialize with anybody from Translinks “Zone 3”.

“You’re from where? Port Coquitlam? Oh that’s near Fort McMurray right?”

14. There is absolutely NO form of nightlife in East Van.

Because you secretly know we are just too damn ratchet to handle one so close by.

15. If you don't still live in your mom’s basement, you probably live in someone else’s basement.

You thought you wouldn't have to be quiet past 10 after you moved out, didn't you? You thought wrong.

16. You've started to consider the possibility that you may never break out of East Vancouver and make it to the Westside.

It’s like there’s this weird, million dollar brick wall as soon as you cross Main Street.

17. You've either been, or come very close to getting sprayed with mace.

“Are you mad at someone? Do you need to show them who’s boss? Just mace them bro!”

18. Every once in awhile you catch yourself wondering if Hugo Boss & True Religion make most of East Vancouver’s school uniforms.

We've got expensive taste for some public schools.

19. Every night when you go to sleep, if you are really someone from East Van.. You still shed a tear over the fact that The Foundation is shut down.


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