Love is a beautiful thing, and everyone experiences it differently. Every couple has their own inside jokes, idiosyncratic activities, and unique habits.

But as much as your relationship is special in its own way, there are definitely some things you and your bae do that are probably pretty similar to things other Vancouver couples do.

From pho to sushi dates, hikes at Dog Mountain and bike rides at Stanley Park, here are 19 things that Vancouver couples definitely do:

1. Take an eternity to decide on what to eat and then cave in on just eating pho

Pho sure it's gonna be pho.

2. Taken your girl to Top of Vancouver or Cloud 9 for her birthday, Valentine's Day, your anniversary, or whatever special occasion


 3. Take weekly/biweekly hike dates

Trekking up 3.5km of mountainous ranges is so worth that perfect insta photo with your bae.

4. Run the numbers a thousand times in contemplation of owning an apartment together soon, and the hope is slimmer and slimmer each time

Apartment in downtown? Maybe in 15 years.

5. Or, seriously struggle to pay rent together

Should've stayed at home.

6. Or, thought about running away together and moving to another city just as many times as number 4 and you're thinking one day you just might

Australia anyone?

7. Gone to one of the many low key Vancouver hilltop viewpoints just to enjoy the view

Ha! Just kidding, we know you do more than "just enjoy the view" ;)

8. Work out together and try to sync your diets

Because couples who starve together, stay together.

9. Go on sushi double dates

Much like pho, it's probably the quickest thing you could think of.

10. Spend a large amount of time planning the next date only for it to be ruined by rain or more likely, mutual laziness

You probably just stayed in to Netflix and chill.

11. Gone to the Van Dusen Gardens or Capilano Suspension Bridge during Christmas to take cute pictures

All of the lights, all of the lights.

12. Gone for way too many bubble tea runs

And it still never gets old.

13. Like to sit in the sun and throw shade at your other friends who are couples

Don't lie, we know we all do it.

14. Have to wait for your girlfriend for 3 hours while she goes HAM at the Aritzia warehouse sale

"Babeeeee, 10 more minutes."

15. Live in a city where there are always things to do, but still find yourself in the "what do you want to do?" situation on a weekly basis

"Babe, whatchu wanna do?"

"I dunno."

16. Have been to just about every coffee shop there is in Vancouver

You've definitely had a cup at Revolver, sat around at Prado, did your work at 49th Parallel, had a couple snacks at Buro, waited for your double date friends at East Van Coffee Roasters, took cute pictures of each other at Timbertrain, etc.

17. Have probably thought about opening up your own coffee shop, since you live in them anyway

But then again, maybe not.

18. Despite living in a super multicultural city, you still have to explain to your parents why and how you're in a biracial relationship

Your parents understand, but they probably still wanted you to date a nice [insert your ethnicity] girl/boy.

19. Complain to each other about how Vancouver is making you poor

The Vancity struggle is real.

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