Tinder can get exhausting, especially when your thumbs cramp up from all that swiping (usually of the left variety). It's almost like a never ending version of the Princess and the Frog, except with a significantly larger amount of frogs. All of the princes out there need to hit me up ASAP.

If you're looking for love (or not love, we don't judge) then look no further. We've narrowed down the Tinder pool to 20 of Vancouver's most eligible and ultra dreamy bachelors.

Cute guy and a cute dog, what more do you need?

I love a guy in a cardigan, mostly so that I can steal it later on.

Personally, I consider myself a cool person who coincidentally likes cool adventures.

Anyone remember the Madden twins from Good Charlotte? This guy is the lost triplet.

Finally, a guy who won't judge me for going to bed at a reasonable hour. Might have to invest in some Netflix though.

Diggin' the minimalist bio. It adds some mystery.

I like the honesty, Luke. And the nose ring.

He has an accent and a tiny pig. You literally don't need anything else.

Here's to hoping that some "sparks" fly with this guy. Please laugh at my joke.

This man sure knows his selfie angles, something that most guys on Tinder have yet to figure out. Good job, Jesse.

Everyone wants to date a musician, am I right?

That smile though. I need a minute to recover.

Taavo is really rockin' that dreamy Edward Cullen look, maybe you could be his Bella?

Even his Tinder bio is chic and stylish.

Get yourself a man who will take bomb photos for your insta.

That suit tho ?

Take a gander at all of that collarbone, dayum boy.

I also enjoy dad hats and doing hoodrat things with my friends. We already have so much in common.

For real though, pimple popping videos are the best. Dj knows what's up.

He's almost too stylish to handle.

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