When I first moved to Vancouver six years ago, I very clearly recall someone telling me, "You aren't a Vancouverite until you have lived here for at least five years."

Thinking about that now makes me laugh at how ridiculous of a statement it was. Although, back then I took it seriously. As an avid traveller and someone with a seriously nomadic soul, I had a hard time seeing myself being in one city for that long. But here we are, six years later and I still call Vancity home, and I am damn proud of it.

In my opinion, all it takes to be a Vancouverite is to have pride in your city, embrace and encourage the culture and experience a few of these 20 things along the way:

1. You have abandoned the idea of ever having a backyard

Back yards are over rated anyway. Thats why we have Stanley park, right?

2. You aren't afraid to walk around the DTES

You know Main and Hastings isn't dangerous, but you still chose to avoid that intersection.

3. You have been to the The Roxy at least once

I'm personally not a fan of this place, but I do believe you need to go there at least once before you call yourself a Vancouverite. Determining whether you love or hate The Roxy is an essential stage of becoming a Vancouverite.

4. You wear shorts at the first sign of summer

Vancouverites love summer so much, some of us wear shorts and sandals year round. Others will bust out the shorts at the first sign of sun, even if its April 3rd and you still have to wear a sweater for warmth.

5. You walk or bike everywhere

If you sold your car, or just never drive anymore you are probably a Vancouverite. You understand how much traffic there actually is in Vancouver and you've realized that there are zero parking spots downtown.

6. You are or have been a serial dater

The thing about being in your 20s in Vancouver is....many of us aren't into the idea of commitment or a relationship and as a city with A LOT of people in one small area, it's hard not to find yourself going from one Tinder date to the next within a week of each other.

7. You have embraced a more healthy lifestyle

Whether its changing your diet and eating gluten free, vegan friendly meals, or adding a work out routine to your daily schedule, you can definitely say you are a true Vancouverite.

8. Your wardrobe consists mostly of black

And the occasional white tee that you only wear when its really hot. Otherwise...all black everything, all year long.

9. You have experienced what its like to spend a day at the PNE

If you haven't already been, I really recommend you do this. If you're into fair games, delicious food and thrilling rides you have to take advantage of the last FREE entry day, Tuesday Aug. 30th. It's a perfect date idea and great for a group of friends.

10. You laugh when people say Vancouver is a big city

You just ran into ten people you know walking from Tacofino to Waterfront Station.

11. You have lived in a shoe box apartment or shared a one bedroom with your bestie.

Rent is expensive AF y'all.

12. You avoid Granville Street at all costs on the weekends.

Sh*t is crazy down there and you're over that party scene.

13. You understand what the term "umbrella etiquette" means

And more often then not you opt out of carrying one anyway. That's what the awnings and my hood are for.

14. You own at least one thing from Artizia, Lululemon, Dipt or Herschel

You know what you like. So what?

15. You walk exponentially fast

And you are constantly dodging people on the street.

16. You feel lucky to live in a place that is so accepting of people no matter their race, sexual preference or lifestyle choices.

17. You spend way less time cooking your own meals than before you lived in Vancouver

There are so many amazing places to eat out here, and I'm a big believer in letting the professionals handle that kind of stuff.

18. Hey Ya'll has become a staple in your summer diet

They are just soooooo good. 

19. You love craft beer

And are really considering a career change so you can become a Brew Master.

20. You have all kinds of opinions of the weather

"Is it raining?" ... "Its too damn hot." Make up your mind!! Or don't, because you are a Vancouverite!

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