I have never been THAT huge into the Tinder life but many of my besties swear by the swipe. Because of this, I have been present for more Tinder sessions than I’d like to admit and given my opinion on pretty much every eligible bachelor in Vancouver. (Girls consult on everything, especially male prospects)

Recently a few gals and I had a wine night, which, naturally included drinking wine, complaining about the calories in wine, and swiping through Tinder. These were some of the thoughts that made it out of our mouths, but have definitely also crossed the minds of every Vancity girl on the Tinder hunt for Mr. Right.

1. Ok hi Gordon, that’s a pretty cool photo of you hiking the Chief.. I've only ever taken the Gondola up.

2. Wait why do we have 37 common connections?

3. Do I know you or something?

4. Should I swipe right just to ask?

5. Ok nvm, bye Gordon.

6. Oooh! This one's a senior art director.. maybe he could get me a job!

7. Oh wait he’s actually cute.

8. Oh fuck, I accidentally swiped left for the cute art guy. Damnit.

9. Friends with Becky… Nope.

10. Oh he looks like Ryan Reynolds, maybe they’re related!

11. Oh no wait his bio includes a Jack Kerouac quote, nvm.

12. Tall… has a a dog….. and there he is wearing a Darth Vador mask, bye.


14. I just matched with the guy holding three beers at once while at the Warehouse, great.

15. Honestly group photos are such a waste of my time, which one are you?

16. This one looks like a better looking version of my ex… I can’t deal with that.

17. Oh a pilot! From Barcelona! …. ok his one interest is Coldplay, bye.

18. Omg I bike too… is this my soulmate?!

19. Oh we matched! ok I think I’m in love, I’ll wait till he talks.

20. Honestly, I’m deleting Tinder.

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