Vancouver was once named the third worst dressed city in the world by MSN Travel. Aside from all the yoga pants, athletic wear and Uggs, I really don't agree with that statement.

It has been five years since Vancouverites were shammed by the internet about their horrible style and I think that ranking might have caused a number of fashionistas to push themselves through the woodwork. In the last few years fashion bloggers in Vancity has stepped up their game, to show the rest of us how its done.

These 20 Vancouverites take fashion seriously, and their blogs are carefully crafted pieces of art that you should really follow. If you need some fashion inspo...look no further.

via @stylingmylife

Alison Hutchinson

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Lily Anne Nguyen

via @carajourdan

Cara Jourdan

via @alexasuter

Alexa Suter

via @theaugustdiaries

Jill Lansky

Kam Singh Bains

via @tovogueorbust

Alexandra Grant

via @xandervintage

Alanna Durkovich

via @viranlly


via @tobruckave

Kiara Schwartz

Vanessa Hong

Jen Tam

Samantha Sito


Neda Kalanta

Sydney Power

Krystin Tysire


Jonathan Ho

Chelsea Williamson

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