Ah, Cactus Club Cafe. Home of the Szechaun chicken lettuce wraps and $5 happy hour bellinis.

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If you've ever had the opportunity to work at this awesome restaurant chain, then you've definitely been exposed to some great management and great coworkers. But that being said, there are a few things that can be a bit frustrating working in hospitality.

Okay, so maybe some of these points aren't quite "struggles", but if you've worked at Cactus, I know you can relate.

1. It's the House of Yes. Therefore, even the most outlandish requests will be tried.

"Can I have a Raincoast Greens with the strawberries on the side, the egg on the side, avocados on the side, blueberries on the side, peppers on the side, greens on the side..."

Me: "Of course!"

Also me:


2. Trying to fit a million happy hour bellinis onto your tray and praying to the gods that you don't spill.

3. Wearing heels for a full 8 hour shift. 'Nuff said.


4. Working at the Coal Harbour location and having to explain that there's a 1.5 hour wait for a table by the window.

5. Everything you do has to involve a tray because "it is an extension of the body".

No tray, no love.

6. Your wardrobe gradually starts getting blacker and darker, and blacker, and then more darker.


7. Being slightly confused as to why there's such a strict 15 minute bathroom check time when you just started working there.

8. And then being absolutely shocked at what can happen to the bathroom in 15 minutes.

What are people even doing in there?? I see why it's so strict.

9. Having a walk-in literally 1 minute before closing, and having to explain it to the kitchen.

10. You rarely used the phrase "May I" until you started working at Cactus, and now it's become a part of your daily vocabulary.

11. Same with the word "Yo".

"Yo this", "Yo that". I think I'm a rapper now.


12. Having to explain to out-of-town guests that you're a restaurant and not a club or a cafe, even though you're called "Cactus Club Cafe".

I guess they have a point.

13. Having to make new work friends every two months because you're always hiring and people are always quitting.

14. Spending all your money on eating at work even after work because you're hungry AF and that staff discount is ?.

Nothing beats a fat bowl of spaghettini after work.

via @Jeansandjellies

15. Saying that you "have to go to the bathroom", but really you just need to chill in their state-of-the-art restrooms for a sec and look at your phone.

I mean you're not lying.

16. Trying to carry 3 (or more) Rocket salads to the table without it toppling over.

17. Always trying to find someone to share a Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bar or Key Lime Pie with you at the end of your shift.


18. Or always being asked to share with them.

19. You can't go out wearing a little black dress and think you look cute anymore.

Refer to #6.

20. Having to explain the pricing on the menu that 1/2 means $0.50, 1/4 means $0.25, and 3/4 means $0.75.

21. Going to eat at other Cactus locations and not seeing your favourite menu item available.

Why're there no sushi cones on Robson or potato skins at Coal Harbour??


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