There must be something in the water because Vancouver just breeds beautiful women. If you've been outside at all, there's no way you could miss all these gorgeous faces walking down the street.

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But modelling takes so much more than just a pretty face. It takes a strong understanding of role playing and how to work your angles, confidence and personality, hard work, commitment and dedication to the craft.

So as an ode to the beautiful women of Vancouver, we've taken the liberty to compile a list of some of the most talented female models out here representing the 604.

via @jacquelinemaeboud

Jacqueline Mae Boudreau // @jacquelinemaeboud

Sima Nuri // @simanuri

via @paigexsierra

Molly Doll // @mollywynychuk

via @emmatallos

Emma Tallos // @emmatallos

via @jadenswarestevenson

Jaden Sware-Stevenson // @jadenswarestevenson

via @sarahleavi

Sarah Cooper // @sarahleavi

via @brittanypaigex0

Brit Barbette // @britbarbette

via @petitbizou

Hailey Afton // @petitbizou

via @claudiabakehouse

Claudia Bakehouse // @claudiabakehouse

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

Hennasey Zimmerman // @hennaseyzimmerman

via @brinalyon

Brina Lyon // @brinalyon

via @kyhansen

Kayla Hansen // @kyhansen

via @undefined

Alex // @alexjiggs

via @dskyeung

Dorothy Yeung // @dskyeung

Jeka Stojanovic // @soundslike_jayka

Darya Kosilova // @daryakosilova

via @andreaaks

Andrea Sheffield // @andreaaks

via @ashleydianamorris

Ashley Diana Morris // @ashleydianamorris

Lara Olcay // @lara.olcay

via @polinagraceofficial

Polina Grace // @polinagraceofficial

via @halleymadiison

Halley Madiison // @halleymadiison

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