Your summer was freaking lit. You went to Thailand, Shambhala, Fvded and the Celebration of Lights. But I hate to break it to you honey, summer is over and it's back-to-school season.

It's time to start embracing the 99 and layering on those sweaters because fall has arrived and your return to UBC is near.

But I mean let's look at the bright side, there are worse things in the world than going to a world class university and there're only another 9 months until Summer 2018! You can make it through! But in the meantime, here are a few things we can laugh at about going back to UBC.

1. Forgetting your CWL password.

Omg...and what's my login again?

2. Scheduling your courses so that you don't have a two hours break in between classes.

What about I supposed to do with two hours? Study?

3. The 99. Period.

4. When it rains and everyone smells like century-old laundry on the 99.

Whyyyyy thoughhh!? 😭

5. Having a class in Buchanan and then a class in Woodwards right after.

Why is UBC so effing HUGE?!

6. Having to line up for 20 minutes at the Timmy's at Sauder and missing the first and probably most important portion of class.

Is it so hard to build another Timmy's?

7. Having to buy crazy expensive textbooks...

8. And then looking on the "UBC textbooks 4 sale" Facebook group only to discover that the $200 textbook you bought is being sold for $20.

I hope you didn't rip the shrink wrap yet.

9. Or simply not buying the textbook only to realize you actually need that shit.

10. Having super awkward "soooo how was your summer?" conversations with classroom acquaintances.

Good thanks, you?

11. Having to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to go to an 8AM class because you live in Surrey.

Why didn't I dorm? Ragrets.

12. Turning your room inside out to look for that damn i-Clicker.

13. Having to plan out the fastest, most efficient route to get to and between class regardless of all the freaking construction.

Detour here, turnabout there.

14. Staring out the window to see the beautiful sunny weather outside and sulking on the fact that you're indoors. In class. At school.

Where did summer gooooo?

15. Having to meticulously time when you're going to get food at the SUB or Timmy's or Starbucks to avoid the crowds.

16. Or having to wait 1,000 hours to get your waffle fries because the line up is ridiculous.

17. The line up at Triple O's on Tuesdays when you're already hangry AF.

Even with so many food still have to line up. 🤦‍♀️

18. It's only August...but you're probably already dreading the all-nighters you'll have to do when it's midterm/finals season.

19. Having to pay a million dollars for parking if you dare drive to school.

20. Blue Chip running out of your fave Java Nut cookie.

21. Realizing that the moment you graduate you have to adult.

What is real life?

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