There are two kinds of people in this world - those who believe that some secrets are best left unspoken; and those who believe that some secrets are too good to keep to themselves...we're definitely the latter.

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We’ve decided to share some lesser-known shops, parks and food-stops that Vancouverites would love to hide forever. The rest is up to you.  

Local Boutique Shops

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1. Front & Company // 3772 Main St, Vancouver

Between their new and used clothing, and a variety of trinkets and goods, it's easy to lose yourself for hours. 

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2. 8th & Main // 2403 Main St, Vancouver

With a wide selection of apparel and a lot of hard to find brands, you will always find something new and unique at 8th and Main. 

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3. Paper Ya // 1666 Johnston St #9, Vancouver

Hidden in the heart of Granville Island, Paper Ya is constantly stocked with pens, parchment, notebooks, watches and all sorts of little knick knacks! 

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4. Vancouver Pen Shop // 512 W Hastings St, Vancouver

Call me old fashioned, there's something about pen and paper that a laptop just can't replicate. If you're gonna take notes in class, you may as well do it in style! 

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5. MacLeod’s Books // 455 W Pender St, Vancouver

Why pay top dollar at Indigo, there's treasure to be found at this new and used bookstore! You can often find similar titles for a fraction of the price. 

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6. Tanglewood Books // 2306 W Broadway, Vancouver

Shoutout to my book lovers and English Lit. students! Tanglewood specializes in out-of-print books, boasting bookshelves stocked with gems. 


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7. New Brighton Park // 3201 New Brighton Road, Vancouver

Most people will drive by New Brighton without a second thought, but with a public pool and dog-friendly park, that's the beauty of it! 

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8. Tower Beach // NW Marine Drive, Vancouver

Everyone and their brother has heard of Wreck Beach. But have you heard of the quiet alternative nearby? Fun fact: It's clothing-optional as well. 

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9. Cates Park // 4141 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver

What's that, Deep Cove is packed - again?! Lucky for you, Cates Park is just down the road. Their concession, Wally's Burgers, does mean onion rings as well. 


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10. Boulevard Bistro // 636 Queensbury Ave

From Philly Cheese Steak Hash, to Huevos Racheros, this is North Vancouver's go-to spot for brunch! 

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11. Deep Cove Brewery //  2270 Dollarton Hwy #170, North Vancouver

You'll come for the beer, but stay for the food... or more beer. Not only do they have rotating craft beers, but they also have fantastic vodka! 

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12. The Workshop Cafe // 296 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver

Japanese-inspired fare meets a cozy vegetarian cafe! Try them on a Wednesday, when they offer Sakura Shio Ramen, with Himilayan Pink Salt - but only one day a week!

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13. La Taqueria //  1305 Welch Street, North Vancouver and Various Locations

Possibly the best tacos in Vancouver, La Taqueria boasts multiple locations, and just started offering burritos! They also have a Wednesday special you can't refuse. 

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14. The Soup Meister // 123 Carrie Cates Ct #103, North Vancouver

Exceptionally cheap, and a different menu every day, there's always reason to check out their fresh-made soups!

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15. Welcome Parlour Ice Cream // 277 8th St E, North Vancouver

They've kicked it old school, with flights, sundaes and root beer floats! This newly-opened parlour also has mini golf right outside, making it perfect for hangouts! 

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16. Marutama // 780 Bidwell Street and 350 W Georgia St, Vancouver

One of the few (if not only), ramen restaurants to use a chicken broth over beef! That makes it healthy and guilt-free, right? They also just opened a second location at the Vancouver Public Library!

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17. Wakwak Burger // 500 Granville Street, Vancouver

Cheap, fast, and easy to find, Wakwak keeps it simple - but that's the beauty of it. It's a $3 burger and it'll blow you away. 

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18. Baodown //  12 Powell Street and 221 Carrall Street, Vancouver 

It's Asian street food with a Filipino Flair! Their gastown location is cheap, and has a menu that'll keep you coming back. 

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19. The Parlour // 1011 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Serving a mean pizza by day, and becoming a stylish cocktail lounge at night, The Parlour is a Yaletown gem! They also do Happy Hour from 3pm-6pm!

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20. Cacao 70 // 1047 Denman Street, Vancouver

Maybe skip the meal, and go straight to dessert. Cacao 70 is a recently-opened chocolate bistro from Montreal and it's your one-stop for a sweet tooth. 

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21. Tako Vancouver // 601 Expo Blvd, Vancouver

Tako-bout a great deal! Tako has Happy Hour specials with their tacos, burritos, bibimbab and quesadilla for $8! They also have a beer and cornchips special for $5.95!

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