Let's face it, you don't like drinking, you don't like clubbing, and you're always the first one to leave the party. You have a deep love for scented candles, cute cat mugs, and you can't wait to stay in on the weekend with your bestie potato-ing on the couch and watching Netflix.

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If these things resonate with you, you and your BFF are true grandmas and you're not even sorry.

So put up your feet, slip on a pair of fuzzy socks, grab your cup of tea, and enjoy the fact that you're reading this article at the comfort of your own home on a Friday night.

1.  Your favourite weekend hobby is to avoid making any plans whatsoever, unless it involves you and your BFF staying in, eating ice cream, and binge watching cooking shows.


2. All you ever want to do is stay in and you're not ashamed of it.


3. You both love shopping for candles, pillows, blankets, cute kitchenware, etc.

"Let's go to Chapters!"

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4. You live for baking dates with each other.

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5. You're idea of getting lit is cooking and drinking wine at home.


6. Neither of you can even fathom girls who stay out until 4AM in ass-tight skirts and 5-inch heels.

*Does not compute*


7. Your day time plans with your BFF only consist of wholesome activities, like hiking or coffee shop dates.

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8. You text each other about how excited you are because your group of friend cancelled their Friday night plans.


9. And if one of you does end up being forced to go out, your BFF always finds a way to bail you out.

"My best friend's car just broke down in the middle of the road...I have to go help her" #sorrynotsorry


10. God forbid you're both dragged to go out, you make sure you've both come up with a full proof escape plan.

"Okay so pretend you're totally trashed, I'll come 'save you', and then we can go home."

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11. You're both totally okay with being in sweats and sweaters all day.


12. And you guys never dress up for each other...like ever.

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13. You're both completely used to your BFF not responding a text for several hours because they were probably taking a nap.


14. You've both tried to make going out plans together like normal 20-somethings, but have failed miserably on multiple occasions.

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15. If you've already been out of the house once that day, your day is pretty much finished.

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16. And if it requires putting on any form of make up, it's a solid no.

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17. Neither of you really understand the slangs that the kids are using these days.

Don't get me started on hashtags and memes.


18. Your first instinct is to call your BFF when you see a freaking cheap Groupon deal or sale item at the grocery store.


19. Neither of you like to be out past 9PM, so you're totally okay with calling it a night right about then.


20. You both know not to contact each other after 11PM, because they're probably sleeping already.

"Let me just call...oh wait nvm."

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21. You both highly enjoy browsing Pinterest and sending each other recipes, cute DIY decor ideas and inspirational quote posts.


22. You're both so happy you've found someone who loves being a grandma as much as you do.


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