Quick! Let me ask you a question. 

Do you or a bro struggle with basic Vancouver bro syndrome? This is an extremely contagious condition and if not acted upon quickly, could spread to other bros around you.

Basic Vancouver Bro syndrome or B.V.B.S. affects an alarming 1 in 3 bros. This not to be checked statistic alone, perhaps more than any other, means you and your bros should get checked immediately before the effects become permanent. 

Read through the signs below to check if you display any of the symptoms. If you are showing 6 or more of these signs, take immediate action, or the reality at the end of the article will become yours, permanentaly.

1. Do you like YEEZY'S? Have you blown a whole check on them? 

I love yeezy's as much as the next hypebeast but if you've lined up over night outside Roden Gray or the Adidas store on more than one occasion, and blown more than your paycheck on it each time,  you might be basic.

2. When someone says "let's go clubbing" your first 3 choices are on Granville Street.

Vancouver's night life does not live and die on Granville Street! Get out there and explore some new bars! Explore West End! Explore Yaletown! Explore Gastown!

3. You have a generic case of yellow fever.

You've never heard the song "Pimpin' All Over The World" by Ludacris, have you?

4. The only time you see the beach is when the fireworks are on.

You likely only came out to see China, because you're Chinese. Unless you're not, then you came out because theirs are always the most fire. 

5. In highschool you were the kind of guy to eat pepperoni sticks in front of your Muslim friends during Ramadan.

Multiculturalism bro.

6. You might not cheat on your girl, but you're always taking other girls out to bubble tea.

Out here blowin' all your date night money on bubble tea queens.

7. Flexing on the gram is something you pride yourself on but you still live at your moms house.

Nothing says #boss like your dad's leased Mercedes. 

8. Having just graduated from UBC or SFU, you literally have zero jobs lined up. 

No amount of degrees will heal this burn. 

9. You've stopped updating your Facebook but you religioiusly update your Tinder Social.

Swipe left and lose my number with that shit bruh.

10. Oddly you think you can offset your binge drinking at Republic with Kombucha on Sunday mornings.

Oddly you kind of can.

11. Despite having a Steve Nash gym membership, you only lift 6 times a month.

Thats $55 a month for 6 workouts. DAMN. 

12. Somewhere on your body, tattooed Japanese or Chinese characters can be found.

We both know you're fluent in neither. 

13. When you go to the bar, the only drink you'll have is an Old Fashioned.

Probably started drinking them in Gastown too. 

14. You always want to get into a fight when you're drunk, but in classic Vancouver fashion, will never start a fight.

"Come on, just swing bro."

15. Somewhere in your wardrobe there's some sort of OVO branded clothing.

Views from the real 6, I guess. 

17. Bet that we could also find some Stan Smiths in there too.

If you're wearing both you need to get checked. 

18. Having only taken under 10 dance classes in your life, you consider yourself a dancer. 

Yeah anybody can dance, but you nailed one level 1 class at Harbour and think you're pro. 

19. Like your female counterparts, you can't wait for the pumpkin spice latte to come back to starbucks. 

Some would even say PSL's are life. 

20. Your Timbalands have never seen any real dirt or outdoor terrain.


21. As far as music shows are concerned, you live for DOOMS Night.

Got Dooms tickets yet?

22. After reading this you've decided that most your bros suffer from B.V.B.S, except yourself of course.

You've probably already sent this to them too so they know. 

SO! Do you suffer from 6 or more of these signs? If so i've got some bad news for you.. You're basic, bro.

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