Idk if you've heard the good news, but our beloved show Gilmore Girls may be returning to Netflix with all new (!!!) episodes! We'd give anything to see our fave characters return to Stars Hollow again!

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From talking about sleep to relationships to the weather and everything in between, as well as, who could forget, coffee, Gilmore Girls delivers one-liners and wit you wish you had.

Although they're American, the Gilmore Girls characters have time and time again said the exact thoughts we had about living in Canada. They're super relatable and have perfectly described life in Canada countless times—here's 22 of them.

1. When you wake up and get out of bed

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2. When you pass by Timmy's in the morning...

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3. ... and again in the afternoon

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4. How you feel about the first day of snow

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5. But then the snow doesn't stop

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6. And you're in the middle of a full blown Canadian winter and summer feels so far away

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7. Canadians' politeness

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8. When it's yet another day of rain (especially in cities like Vancouver)

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9. Every time you say Canada's favourite word, once doesn't cut it

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 10. When you found out McDonald's was starting All-Day Breakfast

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11. Every Taco Tuesday

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12. When you find out someone hasn't tried poutine

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13. When you're stuck in the dating scene

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14. During finals

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15. During group projects

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16. During a (drunken) night out

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17. When you're in desperate need of reading break

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18. Whenever you hear someone's flying across Canada

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19. When you're at a good ol' Canadian hockey game

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20. When someone asks you on a coffee date

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21. When you're trying to decide what to wear

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22. Every time you binge watch Gilmore Girls or any other show

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