Do we honestly have anything to complain about? Between the mountains and the ocean, I mean we really do live in Beautiful British Columbia. But with beauty comes entitlement and with entitlement comes first world struggles.

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Everyone knows the 'couve is one of the most livable cities in the world (if you can afford it) and thus begins my point. So keep reading Vancouver,  you may not be as chill as you once thought.

1. Taking transit.

The 99. 'Nuff said.

2. Finding parking. Like, anywhere.

3. Having to buy umbrellas in bulk because you've either lost them or turned them inside out.

4. When the only spot left in the yoga class is next to the guy who's sweating even before the Bikram's series starts.

5. How the city always forgets to salt the streets in East Van.

Why am I suddenly forced to trek home in crampons like I'm in the Himalayas?

6. When Cartems runs out of vegan London Fog donuts for the day.

Seriously you guys, make more.

7. The mid-afternoon cab turnover struggle.

Can someone please explain this Uber ban to me?

8. The weather.

9. How you can't get a seat at Medina Cafe without waiting for at least an hour.

Brunch is lifeeeee.

10. Knowing you'll never be able to own a house in the city.

A castle in France is more affordable and yet I still have my eye on that one beddy in Coal Harbour.

11. Always being slightly annoyed when family asks if you got into UBC.

Does UBCO count?

12. When the service cuts out on the Expo Line and you're Snapchat deprived for like, three stops.

13. When the Grouse Mountain tram wait time is 30+ mins.

Sure, let me just get hypothermia.

14. On that note, when the ferry to Victoria is more than 50% full.

If you need me I'll be in the Seawest lounge.

15. Weed protesters at the VAG.

We get it, you're passionate. Light up and move on.

16. How doing one Juice Truck cleanse will force you back into living with Mom and Dad.

17. There are too many sushi places to choose from.

I need Hapa Izakaya quality at Sushi Bella prices.

18. When it gets too cold and you're forced to wear your toque functionally instead of fashionably.

19. How you always miss your bus because your pour over at Revolver took too long to make.

20. When it rains for 6 days straight and you can't go for a run because you don't want to waterlog your new Nikes.

21. Having to defend your love for the Canucks post 2011.

22. Knowing full well you can face all four seasons within an hour, but never knowing what weather to prepare for.

23. When your new pair of Lulu's pill.

You've been a company for almost 17 years, get it together.

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