Ah, SD45. The district with only two high schools (public schools that is). Oh wait, I guess three if you're including Rockridge.

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West Van is small and the bubble is real. Your high school experience was unique in every way because you pretty much had no idea there was a whole other world of Vancouver high schools out there (and if you did, you're a unicorn).

And now that we're all out of high school, we can look back and laugh at all the hilarious things we did back then. Here are 22 sure signs that you went to high school in West Van.

1. Your only actual rival school was West Van or Sentinel.

Rockridge was kind of a lone fox.

2. Okay fine, and I guess maybe some schools from North Van.

3. As soon as you got your N, you started driving to Park Royal on your lunch break.

4. If you lived below your school, you dreaded your sweaty I'm-gonna-be-late half-run-half-walks up the hill to school

5. And if you lived above your school, you hated the up-hill hike back home.

You probably called your mom to pick you up in lazy desperation.

6. Throughout university, people often confused Sentinel with Centennial.

7. And most of your university friends didn't even know your high school existed.

8. You probably only switched to West Van because they had an IB program.

9. If you weren't in French immersion, you low key wish your parents had made you go to PJ when you were in elementary.

I wanted to parler français too!

10. You hated working out at West Van Rec because you were BOUND to bump into somebody you knew.

And you still bump into those people from time to time.

11. You also hated bumping into people at Park Royal...

12. Unless you were a mall rat and Park Royal was your official hang out spot.

13. Speaking of Park Royal, you thought that shopping at Metro or in downtown was way cooler than shopping at PR.

14. You were crazy jealous of all the kids who were in Super Achievers and got to leave school early.

Or [insert sport] academy.

15. Mr. Toth is a loved and familiar name to you.

16. You had a hard time naming any high schools that weren't on the North Shore.

17. You were shocked when you found out that Sentinel had its own Instagram account.

And if you didn't know, now you do: @wvsentinelsecondary

18. You lived for the 2:57PM bell.

19. But the 3 o'clock traffic back home was the death of you.

I just wanted to go home.

20. You couldn't wait for Grad Campout.

21. You probably drew on your best friend's face with a sharpie pen and dressed them up in drag for Grad Kidnap.

22. You still occasionally bump into old high school friends and acquaintances at The Taphouse.

23. You kind of miss your West Van high school bubble from time to time.

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