Anyone who lives or works in the Gastown region has definitely known this struggle. I work on Alexander street and the other day Gastown was so crowded that I actually risked being late even though I had arrived at waterfront at the same time I always do.

I was walking so furiously that a young girl turned around, took one look at my face, and dove for her mothers legs. After that I took minute to calm down and laugh at myself for acting like a huge snob. But has anyone been down there lately? Its like a jungle filled with animals who have just been airlifted into foreign territory.

Between the Convention Centre, the stunning ocean view, and the amount of souvenir shops along Water street, Gastown provides tourists with the ultimate Vancouver experience. But for all my fellow city people out there here are some thoughts that we all have when we hit tourist traffic.

1. Are you really going to congregate right in the doorway of Waterfront Station? Of all stations.

2. What language is that?

3. Do you actually need matching shirts? We know you're tourists.

4. Sorry buddy I’m in a time crunch. I can't stop while you attempt to take another goddamn picture of the goddamn Steam Clock.

5. What does this Steam Clock even do?

6. Is Vancouver even that cool?

7. I’m pretty sure they have Starbucks like everywhere so why is the line at the one on the corner of Cambie and Water so long?

8. Walkfasterwalkfasterwalkfasterwalkfaster

9. Did that guy really just take a picture of me?

10. *Identifies another Vancouverite based on black clothing and headphones* silently sings “Were All in This Together”

11. What do these people do for a living that allows them to travel around the world with their giant family?

12. So much standing, so little walking.

13. Watch and learn peasant tourists. One must be aggressive when crossing streets in Vancouver.

14. Wow he’s hot what country are YOU from?

15. I wouldn't have shoulder checked you if you would had moved when I said excuse me.

16. Am I this obnoxious when I’m a tourist?

17. Yo just walk faster. Is there no sidewalk etiquette where you're from?

18. What accent was that?

19. OMG do NOT unload that hop on hop off bus until I’m on the next block. Please.

20. I bet you this guy painting random scenery pictures is making a killing

21. Do I look like I have time to take your picture? *Searches and finds kindness deep in my heart and takes picture*

22. I’m definitely going to be late.

23. *Decides to walk on the other side of the water street* Almost gets hit by 4 cars.

In the end your best bet is to just take a step back and be grateful you live in a city as beautiful and as vibrant as Vancouver.

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