If you're feeling like your fitspo is lacking, then you need to follow some of these seriously healthy Vancouver trainers. All of these trainers are Vancouverites, so you know that they definitely know a thing or two when it comes to fitness! And since we live in this beautiful city, they have tons of awesome photos adventuring around the Lower Mainland.

Getting fit is as easy as following a few of these Instagram health(y) nuts. When I follow trainers on social media, I make sure to save all of their new workout clips or clean eating tips! The constant flow of fitness photos in your feed will definitely be the inspiration you need to get off your butt and into the gym! Especially if you work long hours, sometimes it's hard to remember that you need to go get your cardio in for the day. 

Enough chat, lets get to it!

via @leanneelizabethk

Leanne Kedrosky // @leanneelizabethk

via @mikesheffer_

Mike Sheffer // @mikesheffer_

via @catrinajudge

Catrina Judge // @catrinajudge

via @marebear_79

Mary // @marebear_79

via @pedroperotti

Pedro Perotti // @pedroperotti

via @yairasomervillefit

Ya'ira Somerville // @yairasomervillefit

via @rexvanbar

Rex // @rexvanbar

via @shaunajense

Shauna Jense // @shaunajense

via @lemoncrystals

Karina // @lemoncrystals

via @jtadventurefitness

JT // @jtadventurefitness

via @shebakesandlifts

Meg // @shebakesandlifts

via @priscillamxo

Priscilla // @priscillamxo

via @matt.froese

Matt Froese // @matt.froese

via @gains.by.gaya

Gayatri // @gains.by.gaya

via @yogafitnez

Jannette B // @yogafitnez

via @racuna89

Racuna // @racuna89

via @jamieannafit

Jamie // @jamieannafit

via @adairtrainer

Shawn Adair // @adairtrainer

via @sonyafitwright

Sonya // @sonyafitwright

via @vanphysique

John Van // @vanphysique

via @jasgrewalfitness

Jas Grewal // @jasgrewalfitness

via @chrystal_pearl

Chrystal Pearl // @chrystal_pearl

via @sophiebfit_

Sophie Brum // @sophiebfit_

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