Everyone loves our city, including big budget directors and producers. Vancouver is now closely associated with the American film industry. Huge film and tv franchises like Deadpool, Riverdale, Once Upon A Time and tons more are all filmed in our hometown!

If we're going to let all of these fancy celebrities come into our city and block off all of our roads, we at least need to know who these people are, right?

Here's a list of the must-see actors and actresses that will be flooding into our city this fall!


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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

The Rock is no unfamiliar face around this city. Johnson came second on Forbes list for the highest paid actor this year! He has been filming tons of movies all over the world, yet he seems to keep coming back to our good ol' city. I think he likes it here. 🤗 

Life Sentence

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Lucy Hale // Elliot Knight

The Pretty Little Liars star is filming a brand new show in Vancouver called Life Sentence. The picture above is of her and her co-star Elliot Knight filming just in front of the Lamplighter in Gastown! Hale is playing a character who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and follows her journey on living with the disease.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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Neil Patrick Harris

NPH can do no wrong. He is filming another season of A Series Of Unfortunate Events in our beloved city. We definitely consider Harris a Vancouverite at this point. Here he is hiking in North Vancouver. He recently purchased a swanky penthouse apartment in the city!

Deadpool 2

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Ryan Reynolds 

His Instagram is @vancityreynolds - how precious. He's definitely proud of where he came from. Reynolds has been seen all over Vancouver working on Deadpool 2! Above is a photo where he personally thanked the VPD for all of their hard work, as well as Vancouverites for dealing with road closures and delays! 

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Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin's rugged good looks are always welcome in the lower mainland. Jokes aside, the talented actor is filming in Vancouver all fall long on the set of Deadpool 2! He is playing Cable in the upcoming film.

The 100

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Sachin Sahel // Richard Harmon // Jessica Harmon

These known faces have been back at it in Vancouver filming season five of the 100. Harmon posted the picture above after watching the McGregor/Mayweather fight at the Score on Davie! He clearly enjoys a good caesar. 


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Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan is one of the newest additions to the Riverdale series! Morgan is a Canadian actress who grew up on the east coast, and was brought to fame on Disney! Watch out for her in the serpent crew on this upcoming season.

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Charles Melton

Charles Melton is another new addition this season! He is playing Reggie Mantle from here on out! Melton has been seen tons around town this summer with KJ Apa (who we know and already love) getting in shape for the new season. 

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Casey Cott

Casey Cott is definitely a regular face among locals! Cott has been seen grabbing coffees at cafes, out at restaurants on the weekend, and apparently, he even gets free donuts at Cartems! 

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Lilli Reinhart // Camila Mendes // KJ Apa // Cole Sprouse

The rest of the Riverdale gang are basically Vancouverites at this point. Each star has been spotted out and about around Vancouver. They frequent tons of bars, restaurants, and cafes. I think they're pretty used to our city, and we're pretty used to them by now too!

Once Upon A Time

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Lana Parrilla // Dania Ramirez

This series is an OG when it comes to filming in Vancouver. Lana Parrilla and Dania Ramirez are already filming for season seven of Once Upon A Time.


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Olivia Munn

This new show centered around a navy seal team has been renewed for a second season!  The crew has been seen filming all over the Greater Vancouver Area, even all the way out in Port Coquitlam. 


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Melissa Benoist

Melissa Benoist will definitely be in Vancouver this fall. They started filming season 3 back in July and they will be here up until the new year! If you see a gorgeous femme throwing cars around town, it's probably Benoist.

The Exorcist

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John Cho

I will always have a sore spot for John Cho because Harold and Kumar is brilliant and hilarious. Cho is shooting the second season of the seriously creepy show The Exorcist. Because the movie wasn't scary enough, they had to make it into a TV show. 😰

The Flash

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Grant Gustin

Gustin is now in his fourth season of The Flash! As far as I know, he keeps a pretty low profile. You won't see him out around town as much as the Riverdale crew, but as we can see pictured above, he seems nice enough to stop and take a quick pic! 

The Good Doctor

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Freddie Highmore // Daniel Dae Kim

Season one of the highly anticipated, The Good Doctor stars Freddie Highmore and Daniel Dae Kim! Highmore is no new face around here though. Highmore filmed The Bates Motel for several seasons all over the lower mainland. I welcome him back with open arms.

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