Vancouver has no shortage of talented people and I've told you all about Influential Vancouver Women With Badass Jobs, Vancouver's Best Hair Stylists and even The Hottest Male Real Estate Agents In Vancouver Nows it's time we shine a little light on those Vancouverites who really know how to keep us entertained.

These 24 Vancouver comedians will keep you laughing all night long. Find them performing regularly at various comedy clubs and bars around the city like The Comedy Mix, YukYuk's and Lafflines.

Check out this awesome Facebook Group to keep up to date with local comedy shows happening every week!

In no particular order, here are 24 local comedians you need to check out asap!

Sunee Dahliwal - @sunnydcomedy

Photo cred - @OSGphotography

Mark B. Hughes - @clawsforconcern

Sophie Buddle - @sophbuds

James Kennedy - @jimmykcomedy

John Beuhler - @johnbeuhler

Graham Clark - @grahamclarkwastaken

San Aung - @ComicSans_

Harris Anderson - @harris.anderson.7

Ivan Decker - @ivanwdecker

Gavin Matts - @gavinmatts

Alex Sparling - @mr.sparling

Brett Martin - @brett.martin.3363334

Steve Mcgowan - @thestevemcgowan

Kathleen Mcgee - @kathleen_mcgee

Jane Stanton - @ladyjanethe3rd

Katie Ellen Humphries - @mskatie_ellen

Patrick Maliha - @patrickmaliha

Chris James - @chrisjamescomedy

Stuart Jones - @stooert

Jonny Paul - @jonny_paul_time

Devin Alexander - @devinalexanders

Ryan Williams - @Ryanornot

Sam Tonning - @samtonning

Byron Bertram - @byronbertram

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