October is here, which also means it’s midterm season. As a student at SFU, there are never enough studying spots, but this is just one of the never ending list of the struggles we have to deal with daily. Here are 25 struggles SFU students know all too well.

1. No signal or Wi-Fi reception in class.

Is it just me or is it my cell-phone provider? You can't ever seem to find Wi-Fi in class especially in the lower levels of the AQ. We get that our phones aren't something we should be using in class anyways, but sometimes we need to do the occasional social media checks during the break and just catch up on our digital lives.

2. Constantly being compared to UBC students.

UBC is known to be the better twin, and there is this ongoing rivalry between us. They may tear us down with jokes like "What's the difference between UBC and SFU students? They both applied to UBC." but we're not going to let that phase us. Let's be honest though, we definitely have the better SFU Confessions Facebook page.

3. The never ending case of stairs.

I cannot further emphasize on how everyday has become leg day. The stairs by Saywell Hall or the stairs up to West Mall Centre may be a better work out than Pokemon Go. The worst is the day after leg day, and having to walk up these stairs again. With all these stairs, maybe that's why the SFU Recreation didn't think to get a StairMaster.

4. Fitting into the 145 bus for your 8:30am class.

I am never going to take another 8:30am class AGAIN. All we want to do is be rolled up like a burrito in bed and stay there forever in its warmth, but unfortunately we will face reality at some point and wake up. We'll finally get up and make it to the 145 bus, but only to realize that there is literally no room left on the bus and you're going to be late.

5. Unexpectedly approaching wildlife roaming around campus.

Whether you're strolling indoors or outdoors, we can never escape the wildlife on Burnaby Mountain, especially during the evenings. The morning deer on the open roads to the food scavenging raccoons at night. It's almost like we're living in Snow White's world, but these animals are not to be approached. In the fall, we have television sets in the AQ warning students to not approach bears.

6. Freezing temperatures in classrooms.

Why is it colder inside than it is outside? We'll have to learn it the hard way that the temperature in the AQ is NOT the same temperature in lecture halls. They like to have the A/C kicking in the background to freeze our little hands when we're writing our notes. You'll soon learn that soup based lunches and blanket scarves will become your newest best friends.


When there are two Wi-Fi networks, and you can't figure out which one we are supposed to connect to. So, of course you try both, but SFUNET-SECURE keeps disconnecting you and making you connect to SFUNET, but SFUNET only works when you log in, and you need to keep logging in. The amount of effort that goes into getting Wi-Fi is above and beyond. I guess sometimes we'll just have to do our homework the old fashioned way.

8. When professors don't use Canvas.

This is downright the most frustrating struggle we will ever have to face. But why wouldn't they use the program that most professors use? Now we have to accommodate to them and constantly check our emails. All I have to ask these professors is, why? Why do you have to make our lives any more difficult than it already is.

9. Subway has become your go-to.

As a first year, you lived off of Subway everyday. You have developed a new love for sandwiches, until you've had Subway everyday for the past month and the thought of it makes you lose your appetite. Maybe it's time for you to explore new options and revisit Cornerstone.

10. Awkwardly avoiding booths handing out pamphlets.

Not today, buddy. All these booths around the AQ trying to get you to join their club or participate in their activities can get very awkward. Sometimes they just don't know how to take no for an answer and you're forced to awkwardly listen to their 3-minute speech.

11. When your textbooks cost $300.

When tuition destroys your social life, but textbook fees destroy your life in general. So you desperately search for you textbooks on the SFU Textbook Sales group on Facebook, but there aren't many textbooks left, and you're left to resort back to your first option.

12. Having two Renaissance Coffees.

The struggle is real when you have two Renaissance Coffees. The amount of times when you have tried to meet up with a friend at Renaissance and you find out that they are at the wrong Renaissance is frustrating. Obviously, I'm by the one near Saywell!

13. Going to the wrong campus.

I was supposed to be at Harbour Centre today! Nothing is worse than going to campus only to find out that you are at the wrong one. So you quickly rush to the right campus and you're over an hour late because our transit-friendly city is not so transit-friendly.

14. There is always no place to for lunch at the Maggie Benston Centre.

Where am I supposed to eat my lunch? Prime lunch hours are dreadful, especially when wanting to order from Gawon, or when wanting to microwave your food. There is almost no chance of finding a table, not to mention a booth. You'll develop new skills and learn how to snipe tables and watch if people are leaving within months.

15. Avocado or egg?

What is it even? This statue in our gardens is notorious for having students hook up in it. One side has a pit and the other is a mirror. This was supposedly designed for students to sit in the egg to reflect on themselves. I guess students can now reflect on their past hook ups in this egg.

16. There is no McDonald's on campus.

At least we have Pizza Hut. McDonald's would satisfy all our cravings from burgers, french fries and not to mention their amazing ice-cream cones. It's okay, there's still lots of love for Pizza Hut, not to mention they deliver pizza to you on campus.

17. Menchies or Yeti Yogurt?

Is it really necessary to have two frozen yogurt chains? Yeti Yogurt is by Cornerstone which is next to no where, and no one ever wants to go there unless they're desperate for better food options. Menchies on the other hand, is so close, but Yeti Yogurt is so good.

18. Spending one hour trying to find a study spot during finals.

There is no where for us to study. Midterms are coming up and everyone is as stressed and desperate as you to find a study spot. These spots are gold mines waiting to be found, especially if you're with a study group. And when you finally find these spots, you're going to need to pee, and you're probably going to lose your spot while going to the washroom.

19. The tiny desks in Harbour Centre.

Writing space is non-existent. A sheet of paper won't even fit on the little table, so laptops are definitely the way to go. There is no way that someone can write neat notes in these tiny desks, because my laptop can hardly fit.

20. The bottom floor of the gym is filled with dudes.

Sometimes it gets a bit too intimidating. Especially, if you don't know what you're doing at all. All the cardio equipment is upstairs and the heavy lifting portion is downstairs. Luckily, there are always women's hours and Tuesdays and Thursdays.

21. Our campus looks like a prison.

Not only does it look like one, it feels like one too. During the fall semester, it's dark outside when we wake up and it's dark outside when we leave campus. No amount of sunshine can pierce through these concrete walls.

22. Taking a class with Doug Allen.

Econ103 will be your worst nightmare. Do not ever take this class unless necessary, because it will ruin your perfect GPA. Doug Allen is a great lecturer, but his exams are brutal and exist in an entirely different world. Don't say we didn't warn you.

23. The heavy fog in the mornings.

Our school looks like a scene from Silent Hill. The fog makes for a gorgeous view to look down on, and call for a cool video on Instagram. Everything suddenly feels more dramatic and you begin to think about zombies.

24. People who walk slow in the hallways.

Please proceed to the slow walking lane. Some people have a class or a bus to catch and simply cannot comply to your slow walking speed. If you are going to walk slow, please at least have the common courtesy to not walk in a group and move to the side. Thank you.

25. Not enough leg room in lecture halls.

Especially when students try to walk over you and knock your stuff over.  I don't blame the students who are trying to get in or out of their spot during our break, but I do blame whoever thought that this was enough leg space for growing students! It's the worst when you're sitting in the middle of the lecture and you suddenly need to pee.

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