You can take the Vancouverite out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the Vancouverite. When I first moved to Vancouver I quickly learned there a lot of subtle quirks that make Vancouverites unique and identifiable even removed from their natural mountain habitat.

From impeccable manners on public transit to basically being waterproof, Vancouverites are one of a kind. Below are ways to be a Vancouverite no matter how far afield you travel.

1. You are totally okay with the rain

2. There’s always an umbrella at the bottom on your bag

3.  You have a strong opinions on the public transit system

4. You thank the drive when you get off the public buses

5. Say ‘Hay’ instead of ‘Eh’

6. Pronounce Vancouver however you please (even if it's with a G added in)

7. Be an extremely healthy person in both diet and lifestyle and always remind people of this

8. Incorporate the weather into every conversation… at least once

 9. Love sushi

 10. Be impartial to white Christmases

 11. Don’t own a winter jacket, unless you’re talking about one for skiing

 12. Hate the 6ix and all its woes

 13. Complain about the housing market A LOT

 14. Love the outdoors

 15. Always be oblivious to people smoking weed in public

 16. Do yoga in a studio, the ocean, the mountains, on the beach or sometimes a combination of the above

 17. Always Instagram too many nature shots

 18. Always say yes when friends invite you out

 19. 30% of your clothing is water proof

 20. Have impeccable style that shines (even when the sun hasn’t for 14 days straight)

 21. Toques don't cover your ears

 22. Always be fashionably late

 23. Be a disciple of your favourite local coffee shop and spread the good word to all people

 24. Have a dog or have aspirations to one day own one

25. Leave everyone behind in the (snow) dust when it comes to skiing or snowboarding

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