After living on the West Coast of Canada for a year, I found living here particularly terrible. I admire people who have lived here their whole life. Holding back my feelings for a while now, I thought I'd share with you the pain of living in the West Coast. Let's be real, living in the greenest city in Canada and one of the cleanest in the world is definitely hard to handle. Who would ever want to live in a place with breathtaking landscape right next to the ocean?

If you're thinking of visiting here, this might be your lucky day before going on a trip that will blow your mind.

Here are 26 reasons you should never come to the West Coast of Canada:

photo cred - @jacquelinemaeboud

1. People are so conservative

2. The West Coast is not connected with the outside world

Photo cred - @tourismtofino

3. It's hard to find a little piece of nature

4. Such a boring place to live in

Photo cred - @selinahalo

5. Women empowerment is taboo

6. It's hard to find unique places to go on romantic dates

7. Girls have no sense of fashion

Photo cred - @instagraeme02

8. Winters are so rough

9. Multiculturalism is a foreign concept

10. They don't care about environmental issues

11. Architecture is so basic

Photo cred - @jennicekim

12. They don't have any History

Photo cred - @youbcpic

13. Student life is the worst

14. The cuisine so mainstream

15. People are obsessed with healthy eating

16. You found possibly the ugliest city in the world

17. There's no sense of community

Photo cred - @peterzeeee

18. It's the worst place in the world to observe nature

19. Guys are meh....

20. People are so prude

21. It's hard to get adrenaline rush

photo cred - @paulmakespictures

22. Who would ever want to go hiking and to the beach in the same day?

Photo cred - @alexandergastown

23. Nightlife is inexistent

Photo cred - @theboulevardcoffee

24. The burden of having hundreds of celebrities coming here every month

25. Spectacular views are hard to find

photo cred - @vancitywild

26. I don't understand why people think it's so unique

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