If you're anything like me, you think yoga and lifestyle go together like peanut butter and jam. Anyone I've ever met either teaches it, has a pass for it, or has tried it at least once. Yeah, yeah, laugh it up I know I'm from Vancouver but admit it, even those of you reading this in Nova Scotia have probably Down Dogged once in your life.

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Whether you namaste every day or you only dabble on the weekends, anyone who bends and holds will be able to relate to this list.


1. When a teacher you love stops teaching at your studio you feel lost.


2. You and your mat could pass as siamese twins.

3. You make plans with people around your yoga schedule.

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4. You live in Lululemons.

And don't understand why other people don't.

5. You go stir crazy if you go a few days without practicing.

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6. You're constantly recruiting newbies.

"You're going to love it!"

7. Making it through both sets of Dancer without falling out deserves a mental hi-five.

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8. You've definitely done Lion's Breath outside the studio.

And probably got a few stares.

9. You feel powerful AF doing a few chaturangas.


10. That moment when your Bridge finally turns to full Wheel.

*hallelujah bells*  

11. The one water bottle that falls over in Savasana.

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12. Hydration is v important to you.

13. When you wake up in time to go to your favourite teacher's class and it's a sub.

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14. Dolphin plank is better than sex.

15. And the yoga high where you can feel energy flow through your fingers is exhilarating.

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16. Trying to do the ujjayi breath when you're sick just comes off as a snore.

17. Wishfully waiting for the teacher to come and massage you in savasana.

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18. You get kind of annoyed when someone is in "your spot."

19. Or worse, when they put their mat directly in front of yours.


20. Opting for a Down Dog instead of Chaturanga is considered to be "restorative".

21. You know how easy it is to pass out in Savasana.

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22. Having to peek at your neighbour when you forgot the Sanskrit word the teacher just used.

23. The feeling of pure ecstasy when you finally do a handstand/headstand away from the wall.


24. Holding off on peeing until the class is over.

Even though you've been hammering water all hour.

25. You don't power nap, you yin.

26. Feeling obligated to practice because you live in Vancouver.

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