Here you are, about to go to UBC, are currently going to UBC, or went to UBC. You probably hustled hard and put in work every semester, but school didn't always make it easy. If it wasn't a broken printer, it was new construction around every corner.

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We feel your feels guys. We're here for you. Here are 27 struggles you know, and we know all too well:

1. When you're about to hand in an assignment on WebWork and UBCsecure goes down.

The school's wifi should've been called UBCinsecure.

2. Your entertainment for the day is reading UBC Confessions.

You probably even posted once or twice...or a few too many times.

3. Breaking a sweat every time you have classes back to back on opposite sides of campus.

How the heck does the school expect you to get from Buchanan to Forestry in 10 minutes...HOW?!

4. The line up for Triple O Tuesdays...enough said.

Not even sure if the burger was worth the wait.

5. And then the line up for the Timmy's next to Sauder.

Oh my God, and don't even get me started when it's Roll Up The Rim season.

6. The moment Ike's Cafe stopped using dried spaghetti as stir sticks.

Definitely was not sure what the spaghetti sticks were meant for in first year.

7. When you're about to fail a psych class so you participate in as many psych studies as humanly possible.

You don't care if you have to give blood, you just need the credits. So bad.

8. Commuting a total of 3 hours for a 1 hour class because the timetable you made sucked.

S/O to all my commuters out here gettin' it. My heart goes out to you.

9. Commuting a total of 3 hours for a class that got cancelled because you didn't check your email before going to school.

But who checks their email first thing in the morning...seriously.

10. Commuting a total of 3 hours for that one class, reaching into your bag, and realizing that you forgot your headphones.

All for one. F*cking. Class.

11. Sitting at the far end of the lecture hall because it's 8:30 in the morning and you're seriously tired AF.

Whoever thought that a class at 8:30 AM was ever a good idea?

12. Low key wanting your chill prof to like you but you're really not that smart and your attendance is kinda shoddy.

Sighhhh...Prof. G, we could've been such great friends!

13. That first year MATH 104/184 class though...

Yes. You knew how to do calculus at one point in your life.

14. Trying to actually focus on the lecture for once in your life but the dude sitting in front of you in class has his laptop open to "House of Cards".

Even when you tried...the struggle was real.

15. Being absolutely convinced that you can squeeze yourself onto the way over-packed 99 during rush hour, even when you know the next one would come in like 6 minutes.

Excuse me, pardon me, sorry, my bad, excuse me.

16. That one kid in class who participates just a little too much during discussion, but you can't even be mad because he is actually smart.

But seriously, for the kids who have nothing smart to say...just shut up. There really are such things as dumb questions.

17. The stress was so real when it came to waiting for class registration to open on SSC.

It was survival of the fittest, and fastest.

18. Trying to hustle textbooks over Facebook made you feel like a campus drug dealer.

Had to keep it on the low.

19. The moment you ask for a Java Nut cookie at Blue Chip and they run out, and now you have to wait another 15 minutes.

With the staggering population of students at UBC, you would think that they would have better stocked Blue Chip cookies.

20. Barely being able to refill you print card with $5 because you're so broke.

Print your term paper or buy food? You probably bought food. You probably bought the blue chip cookie.

21. Trying to find a table at Irving during finals season is hella cut throat.

You probably didn't find one and now you're at Koerner.

22. When you get to your bus stop in the morning and you realize you forgot to renew your compass card for the month.

That awkward moment when you tap your card and the red buzzing sound goes off. Oh, and there are like a million people behind you and a bus driver throwing you so much judgment.

23. When you're rushing to class and the old shortcut you used to take is now blocked because of construction.

UBC, the University of Building Construction.

24. Walking through Main Mall and having to hold your breath the entire way through because new fertilizer was just put in.

I don't even have words for this one.

25. Not being an Arts student and not really knowing how to navigate yourself around Buchanan.

We applaud you for knowing whether you are in Buchanan A, B, C or D. Wait, is there an E?

26. You're 7 hours deep into your study session at IKB and you really have to pee, but you're scared people are going to steal your sh*t.

Fellow students cannot be trusted.

27. The moment you graduate and you realize you have to adult.

Real life. What is this?

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