Tucked away at the southern end of Vancouver Island is a city called Victoria. A city where people go out for brunch more than any other meal combination and whale watching can be done from the shores.

Most people think the population of Victoria are a bunch of granola eating hippies but that's just Salt Spring Island. Victoria is a destination island where many people from all walks of life meet either at University or at their jobs and form life long friendships that sustain even when their friends leave and move back to Vancouver....right, guys?!?!

Here's a list of 29 things that only a true Victorian will understand...

1. You call Vancouver the "mainland".


2. You brunch as much as Portland.


3. You have a strong opinion on cyclists. Either for or against.

It is the Cycling Capital of Canada after all.

4. You're not actually from the island so meeting someone who was born there is like finding a unicorn.


5. You can get anywhere in less than 30 minutes.


6. You've walked a dog, either yours or a friend's, at Dallas Road Park.

7. You remember when the planetarium closed down.


8. And when the bars at Ogden Point went up.

9. You love correcting Vancouverites that Victoria is indeed the capital of BC.


10. You've either referred to or heard someone else refer to the city as "newlywed, nearly dead".

11. In the summer, you know to hit up Red Fish Blue Fish 30 mins before close to skip the line up.

12. You complain about tourists all summer.


13. Your carbon footprint is like, so small.

14. You look forward to seeing Darth Fiddler down by the harbour every summer.


15. You wait all year for the Rifflandia lineup to be announced.

16. You've fed the seals down at Fisherman's Wharf.

17. But you prefer the Oak Bay Marina because there are way less tourists there.

18. Everyone in Victoria is a Sunday driver.

via Buzzfeed

19. You have strong opinions about the horse carriages in James Bay.

See: #2.

20. You were stoked when Uptown mall got a Forever 21 and an H&M.

Here's to not shopping George "fashion" anymore.


21. You think a Cowichan sweater and Birkenstocks is an acceptable outfit.

22. Car share hardly exists.

Because why would it?

23. You order shafts left right and centre.


24. Going on a date is basically like entering a 6 degrees of separation zone.

25. You have a love hate relationship with the BC Ferries.

You love that it gets you to and from Vancouver. You hate everything else.


26. Your balcony is now home to baby succulents and a herb garden.

27. You shop locally.

Can't afford groceries, but that gold plated planter from Picot is soooo mine.


28. You've made the switch from regular to natural....everything.

Soap? Check. Detergent? Check. Deodorant? Check. Shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Chuck! You don't need it.


29. You're inherently friendly.

And you always say thank you when they get off the bus.

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