Private school develops a certain breed of students. Not only do they have to deal with the regular stress of being teenagers and young adults and balancing their school work and their social life. They also have to deal with a whole other array of rules, regulations and requirements that come with private school.

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Whether it's mandatory extracurricular participation, or the pressure the teachers put on you to get a superior post secondary education. Private school is definitely too much for a lot of students. Here are some very relatable struggles you'll only understand if you went to private high school:

1. The teachers are so old they probably taught your mom or dad

In my grade 12 year, my english teacher's grand-daughter was in my class.

2. The love/hate relationship you had with your uniform was REAL

After graduation I went through a temporary period when I had no idea how to dress myself.

3. When the school released a new style of shirt, it was equivalent the yearly bridal sale at Klimans in New York

My friend got clawed in the arm for the last medium one time.

4. Students rolling up to school in brand new cars costing between 50-100k was a regular occurrence

"Daddy bought me this as a congratulations for getting a a C+ in Pre Calc this year."

5. You can tell the difference between the kids with money, the middle class and the scholarship students

Uniforms may keep us the same but hair styles/makeup/shoes/bags/nails set us right back apart.

6. Going to any public place with your uniform on was a completely mortifying experience

You know I can see you staring at me.

7. You hardcore judged girls who rolled their skirts

But did the same thing when you got older.

8. When a student left or got kicked out, it rocked the whole grade

*Three years later* man I miss "so and so".

9. It was impossible to like someone who hadn't dated one of your friends or someone you hated

I need more people.

10. Sports were a religion at your school, and the rivalries between other private schools could get intense

*Clears entire schedule for Vancouver College vs. St Thomas Moore football game.

11. Having extra days off that public schools didn't have was the best

But you still tried to convince your parents to let you transfer at least once a day.

12. If you went to a Catholic private school there was a strict code of conduct when it came to school dances:

Leave room for Jesus!

13. Any girl that decided to date a boy on the rival football team was shunned

You can never sit with us again.

14. Being so close to the US/Canada border, you probably had one or more Americans in your class

Who even are you?

15. You know some kids who got suspended or expelled for skipping class and smoking pot

If you can't even bother to take off your grad sweater, you deserve to get caught.

16. "Casual Day" or "Jeans Day" was the best thing to ever happen to you

I will not take this opportunity lightly. *Prepares outfit a month in advance".

17. It was a huge deal when someone new joined your grade

You are not really one of us.

18. School was probably a lot more stressful for you than for the average public high school student

And kids were dropping like flies left and right.

19. Your parents either picked you up after school every day or you were jealous of the kids whose parents picked them up

Don't they have jobs?

20. Everyone knows everyone else's business

In detail.

21. The teachers and counsellors were constantly downing local colleges like Douglas and Sprott Shaw

Sorry sir I can't even afford to apply to Harvard let alone go there.

22. If someone decided not to go to college it was the gossip of the entire school for years to come

Now we can only say that 98% of are students go to College or University and it's all her fault.

23. If you went to all girls school or an all boys school you had semesterly mingles

And had to ask each other weird questions like "Would you rather be Obama or Oprah?"

24. You started skipping Mass or Church as you got older

You blamed it on your doubts and your changing faith but really you were just bored as hell.

25. The small class sizes and how close everyone was with their teachers was pretty cool

Honestly it just made it easier to cheat.

26. Learning to hide from the Principal or Vice Principal when you were breaking dress code was an art

Okay so it's 4th period which means he's patrolling the north hallway. *Walks around the school down through the dungeon up past the Chapel to get class room.

27. The principal or one of the teachers daughter/son/niece/nephew probably went to school with you

And you were a little bit wary of them.

28. Some sh*t definitely went down on the school trip

Except no one really knows the whole story and no one wants to talk about it.

29. Someone in your class more then likely has the School name tattooed on their body

Yeah you've reached your prime.

30. You felt outcasted if you weren't in a club or didn't play a sport

So you decided to join one and quit after the first day.

31. You couldn't wait to get the hell out of there and meet some different kinds of people and feel free to be yourself

University here I come! *First day on campus... runs into 40 people they know from High school.*

Probably the only cool thing about your private high school is that you have a pre-made Halloween costume for the rest of your life.

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