In a society where "cuffing season" seems to be every season, being single can seem like the worst thing in the world. Everywhere you go you see happy couples. Happy couples holding hands, walking their perfect dog, biking along the seawall - it's torture. For some people that is.

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It's time to pull your sobbing eyes out of your hands and see how fvcking cool and fun being single can be. If you have that special someone who makes you happy... great. But if you don't, it's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and settling for guys that don't deserve you just because you want someone. Especially if you're in your 20s. The world is your oyster, enjoy it while it lasts and enjoy being you, baby girl.

Besides, you know what's better than being comforted and held down emotionally? Being comforted by Earnest Ice Cream and holding yourself down emotionally because you're a BOSS.

1. Not having to shave

2. Skipping the gym on a rainy day

3. Eating whatever you want whenever you want

4. Having time to try new things

5. Not having to share your weed

6. Or your food

7. Or your bed

8. Being able to Tinder/Plenty of Fish to your hearts desire

9. Not having a panic attack every time you miss your period or it's late

10. Wearing sports bras instead of real bras...or no bra at all

11. Impromptu trips whenever you want are a thing

12. Especially because you have more money

13. More time to spend with your friends

14. Never having to share your bathroom

15. Drinking the entire bottle of your wine to yourself and not feeling guilty about it

16. Dancing with cute guys at the club

17. Letting cute guys buy you drinks at bars

18. Sleeping with cute guys as often as you want

19. Changing your hair or nails as often as you want without worrying about approval

20. Working out as much as you want or as little as you want

21. Eating Nutella right out of the jar in your sweat pants

22. Dancing around your apartment singing into your hairbrush

23. Listening to T-swift/Katy Perry/Miley Cyrus really loudly

24. Binge watching Friends all day every day

25. Ordering what you want at restaurants without fear of being judged

26. Not leaving your bed on a Sunday

27. Letting your house get messy when you're busy and not worrying about it

28. Not stressing about your naked body

29. Having time to learn how to do bomb ass makeup with the help of YouTube

30. And put together trendy outfits

31. Dressing slutty AF and having no one give you any sh*t

32. Dogs are better than boys anyway

33. But most importantly the opportunity to learn how to be by yourself so that when you do decide to get into a relationship it isn't your be all and end all, but a positive addition to your already great life.

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