I understand why you live here. We've got a pretty mild climate, gorgeous beaches, and mountains to marvel at. Our beer is better than anyone else and don't even get me started on the coffee.

But have you ever wondered if maybe you're spending too much time in the city? Perhaps you've folded away one too many pairs of Wonder Under's and are thinking to yourself...is this too much?

Unsure how to tell? Read below and keep score, how many of these are you guilty of?

1. You have a yoga membership.

You use it but it's more about telling people you have it.

2. You refuse to go to a chain coffee shop unless it's Vancouver-based.

Shout out to JJ Bean.

3. You can't even fathom the thought of littering.

4. Or the idea of not recycling your smoothie cup.

5. You're forever a Canucks fan.

Even though we rarely win and 2011 is still burning in your memories.

6. You have a crush on Gregor Robertson.

He's v dreamy.

7. You always say thank you when getting off the bus.

And once when you got off the SkyTrain but shhh I won't tell anyone.

8. You've definitely dated a hipster.

9. You've eaten at a vegan restaurant even though you're not vegan.

10. You know Translink sucks but you still get mad when the system fails you.

11. You think it's funny how Toronto thinks they're coffee snobs.

Hahahahahaha.... oh dear.

12. You have no money.

You work two full time jobs but you still don't have money.

13. You might go to the Northshore but you'll never go past Burnaby.

Does it involve a bridge? Yeaaaaah probs not.

14. Rogers Arena will always be GM Place.

15. And the Telus World of Science is Science World, you brats.

16. You explain to foreigners what the 9 o'clock cannon is.

And how Ryan Reynolds has a tattoo of it.

17. You're convinced that sushi covers the entire food pyramid.

And therefore will eat it every day thank you very much.

18. You only go to local breweries.

And get jazzed when I new one is opening.

19. You're never surprised by the Massey Tunnel construction signs.

20. You either love bikers or your hate bikers.

Depends on if you're a driver.

21. Tourists are the bane of your existence.

Stop taking up 90% of the seawall on your tandem bikes!

22. If a restaurant doesn't have a brunch menu you basically boycott the place.

23. Nordstrom > Holt Renfrew.

24. You avoid Granville St on a Friday/Saturday night at all costs.

You're not 19 anymore. If you are, read this as if it's opposite day.

25. You've started recommending JAPA DOG as a serious lunch spot contender.

26. A bachelor for $1400 sounds reasonable to you.

Um hello, it's in Kits.

27. You're super into charred cauliflower right now.

And you're excited to see what vegetable Erin Ireland says is hot next.

28. You've mastered speed walking.

29. You don't understand people with no umbrella etiquette.

Like, we actually wrote something about it. Click here.

30. You've become flakey.

There's always something better to do, you just have to wait for it.

31. You're on Tinder only because you want to try L'Abattoir.

Yas, judge me while I eat my confit pork shoulder and clams.

32. You understand that you'll never find parking.

33. You've adopted a dog.

What? You expect me to walk the seawall alone?

34. You consider Lululemon as a perfectly acceptable outfit choice.

35. You are a pro at telling the difference between skunk and weed.

"Mom, I was totally sprayed earlier, I swear..."

36. You haven't been to Canada Place since you saw that IMAX of Kilimanjaro when you were 12.

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