Congratulations! You made it. You are officially a resident of the best city in Canada! This is where dreams become reality (at least some of them?). You can officially brag about where you live as much as you want. Just don't let it go to your head too much, no one likes a big ego.

Vancouver can be pretty cut-throat, and it's certainly not for everyone but if you stick around long enough, you'll feel right at home. Just remember y'all, always stay true to who you are. A city shouldn't change you, it should inspire you.

1. You will buy a bike.

Bikes are cool AF and we all have one.

 2.You will become more concerned with living a healthy lifestyle.

And possibly become a vegan.

3. You will get a dispensary card.

Why not, going "green" is super trendy after all.

 4. At one point or another you will share a one bedroom apartment with your bestie.

Rent is really expensive, and this way you have have a bit of spending money for your vices.

 5. You will end up at a random after hours bar in East Van and wake up the next evening having no idea how you got home or where you were last night.

Hope you like hangovers!

6. You'll start your own business.

Vancouverites are very passionate and resourceful people and we love to support local. So whether its a clothing line like VNCVR Clothing or a moving company like East Van Moving, fellow Vancouverites will be there to support you!

 7. You'll take a yoga class and probably even join a yoga studio.

Now that your a Vancouverite, gotta get them Chakras aligned!

 8. You will only drink local coffee.

Mostly because you have multiple barista friends and they love to hook you up.

 9. You'll end up at The Roxy at least once.

Hopefully only once, for your sake...

 10. You'll have no money.

But rich in friends.

 11. You'll never believe a fire alarm is real.

Because they never stop.

 12. You will meet many colourful characters.

They might ask you for your change more often than not, but damn are they interesting to talk to.

 13. You'll be offended if people back home ask you if you live in one of the suburbs outside of Vancouver.

You live downtown obviously.

14. You will own at least one pair of Nikes.

More like 5. Gotta rep that swag when living dat healthy lifestyle.

 15. You'll start walking everywhere

Public transit is for suckers.

16. You will make regular trips over the Border to shop at the outlets.

But for now you're gonna tone it down until the dollar gets better.

 17. You'll become a beer snob.

Because you only drink local.

 18. You will eventually end up at L.E.D on a Wednesday.

And probably keep going back forever.

 19. And you might have a stint of Tuesday nights at The Met.

$2 beers, enough said.

 20. You'll complain about the weather constantly.

"Too much rain" will soon turn into "It's so hot." We're never satisfied.

 21. But you brag about how nice it is when the rest of the country is knee deep in snow.

Its true, we don't really get snow. One day a year maybe. And we will be sure that the rest of Canada knows it!

 22. You'll never experience a snow day ever again

This is both a good and bad thing at the same time.

 23. You will own a lot of black clothing.

Because that's the Vancouver uniform and you want to fit it.

 24. You will buy a really cool rain jacket.

Something with a hood because you're going to give up on umbrellas very soon.

 25. You will pay a crazy amount in rent for a 300 sq. ft. apartment.

My bed pulls out of the wall, but at least i'm downtown!

 26. You will spend a lot of time at the beach.

Gotta work on that tan, and drink beers while your at it.

 27. You will go on a party boat.

And seriously regret it once you realize you can't get off.

 28. You will eat at Japadog.

It's gotta be done.

 29. You'll do the Grouse grind and brag about your time.

Under an hour? Well done you!.

 30. You'll end up at wreck beach and maybe even spend a whole summer there.

Bathing suits optional.

 31. Every time you go back home you will start every sentence with "in Vancouver..."

Can't help it, we just love to remind people how awesome Vancouver is.

 32. You'll leave your umbrella everywhere.

Just forget about them, you don't need it anyway. See point #24.

 33. You will Buy a Ken Foster.

When you are drunk at 3am leaving the Lamplighter. Trust.

 34. You'll own more athletic wear then real clothes.

And the Steve Nash Gym membership card in your wallet is expired.

35. You'll see someone using a $90 blanket from Aritzia as a scarf.

Someone please tell her you can get a blanket just like that at the Dollar Store on Pender Street for $1.25.

36. You'll begin to notice that Aritzia is kind of an obsession.

Okay, I think we need an intervention.

37. You will eat a lot of really bad pizza.

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